Organize your life in a simple & elegant way. Any.DO is a free to-do app that helps you capture, organize & sync all the things you need to do and makes sure you get it done. You can even ask your classmates for help!

Any.Do was founded in 2010 by Omer Perchick, Yoni Lindenfeld & Italy Kahana. Frustrated with his own procrastination and the complexity of getting things done, Omer was inspired to create a tool that would simplify the way people do things (so they can have more time for fun).


  • Capture your ideas & things you need to do by talking to vice on the go.
  • Typing on mobile keyboard us a mess; Any.DO will try to predict what you need to do, automatically.
  • Sort by date, folder or priorities.
  • Cross-off tasks to mark as complete.
  • Shake the phone to remove completed tasks
  • Sync your tasks with Google Chrome.
  • Invite classmates to work together on something and get notified when they complete tasks.




Started by high school sophomore, Andrew Sutherland in 2005 to help study for a French vocab test, Quizlet is the leading study site in the U.S. for students of all ages. Over fourteen million people a month use Quizlet’s free, simple web-based study tools and games, plus their mobile apps.


  • Flashcards – Flip through and familiarize yourself with the material.
  • Learn – Track your progress and review the things you got wrong.
  • Scatter – Match words to their definitions and try to finish faster than your friends.
  • Speller – Type what you hear. Works in 18 different languages.
  • Test – Prepare for the actual test with an automatically graded quiz.
  • Space Race – Earn points by typing in words before their definitions vanish off screen.




Chegg offers an array of required and non-required scholastic materials including millions of textbooks in any format, access to online homework help and textbook solutions and course organization and scheduling.


  • Physical textbooks – For purchase or rent
  • eTextbooks – Purchase or rent nearly 100,000 eTextbook titles on Chegg’s own eTextbook reader.
  • Course Scheduling & Review – Organize, plan, rate and read reviews
  • Textbook Solutions – Unlimited access to over 2.5 million step-by-step Chegg textbook solutions.
  • Q&A – Ask an expert a question and get a response in a little as 2 hours