Sample Questions

Try your luck with the following questions. The answers are located at the bottom of the page.

1. According to Piaget, secondary circular reactions first occur during which of the following stages of cognitive development?

(A) Formal operational
(B) Preoperational
(C) Sensorimotor
(D) Concrete operational
(E) Conservation

2. PKU is caused by

(A) high Phenobarbital levels in the blood
(B) fetal and maternal Rh factor incompatibility
(C) the absence of the enzyme which breaks down phenylalanine
(D) excessively low phenylpyruvic acid levels in the blood
(E) the transmission of a specific dominant gene

3. The “set point” for the temperature regulation system is believed to be located in the

(A) cortex
(B) vascular system
(C) septal region
(D) amygdala
(E) hypothalamus

4. Which type of memory is being tested when you take a multiple choice test?

(A) Loci
(B) Recognition
(C) Savings
(D) Free recall
(E) Eidetic

5. Which of the following is an example of the phi phenomenon?

(A) The moon appears larger when viewed next to a church spire
(B) Head movements cause the eyes to move from one stimulus to another
(C) Two lights flashing in rapid succession look like one moving light
(D) A stationary point of light in a darkened room appears to move erratically
(E) Telephone poles seen from a moving car appear to move backwards

6. According to Sigmund Freud, the most fundamental of all defense mechanisms is

(A) intellectualization
(B) sublimation
(C) regression
(D) fixation
(E) repression

7. The technique of first pairing two neutral stimuli with each other and then pairing one of the neutral stimuli with an unconditioned stimulus is called

(A) backward conditioning
(B) trace conditioning
(C) simultaneous conditioning
(D) sensory preconditioning
(E) second-order conditioning

8. A certain egg farm produces, on the average, 10% extra-large eggs, 30% large eggs, 40% medium eggs, and 20% small eggs. This year, the percentages are 14% extra-large eggs, 36% large eggs, 35% medium eggs, and 15% small eggs. Which of the following could a statistician employ to determine if this year’s percentages are significantly different from the average?

(A) T-test
(B) Correlation coefficient
(C) Multiple regression analysis
(D) Chi-square test

9. In order to test for the effect of diffusion of responsibility apart from the effect of pluralistic ignorance, one would have to

(A) vary the group size
(B) isolate the bystanders from each other
(C) ensure that the emergency is ambiguous
(D) use passive confederates
(E) use friends as bystanders

10. Rorschach and Murray are most closely associated with the development of

(A) early projective tests
(B) statistical analyses of testing techniques
(C) the first aptitude tests
(D) educational achievement tests
(E) tests of creativity and problem-solving ability


Answer Key:

1. C
2. C
3. E
4. B
5. C
6. E
7. D
8. D
9. B
10. A