Counseling individuals is an art. It’s an art of active listening and measured responses. Active listening is listening without prejudice. This is listening to the thoughts the client is expressing without forming an opinion or determining what you are going to say next, keeping an open mind. Counseling requires that you be non-judgmental as well. You may not always agree with what your client is saying or doing but you must provide the best responses regardless of your personal beliefs. Counseling is a demanding career but it can also be rewarding to help relieve stress and worries from a client’s shoulders.

To become qualified to be a counselor you must achieve at least a Bachelor’s Degree; many jobs will require a Master’s Degree. The good news is that now most of this training can be done online. There are many areas to specialize in when your education is complete. The following are a few of the areas that you can specialize in:

High School Counselors work with high school students. They help address concerns with school and assist them in planning for their future whether that is technical school, college or straight into the workforce.

Elementary School Counselors work with children in schools and make sure they adjust to school. They monitor children’s behavior and interaction with their peers and teachers. They determine if there are any behavior problems that need to be discussed with the parents of the child.

Career Counselors work with individuals needing assistance in finding jobs. Career counselors will help individuals determine what jobs are a good fit for them and how to qualify and get the job.
Substance Abuse Counselors help addicted individuals find the behaviors and problems causing the addiction in order to relieve the individual of the addiction.

Marriage Counselors help married couples with their problems. They listen to the problems that a couple is encountering and offer advice on how to work through them. The goal is to help develop a stable healthy relationship.

Family Counselors help families work through their problems in order to create a solid foundation of communication and mutual respect. This helps the family function better as a unit.
Rehabilitation Counselors help individuals adjust to life with a disability. They help get them physical therapy and rehab as well as job training and placement in order to help them lead a fulfilled life even with a disability.

Gerontology Counselors provide counseling to elderly individuals and their families about the changes in life that are upon them. Information during this emotional time makes it a little bit easier to bear.

Many counseling degrees including some specialties are available online. There are more specialties than listed above, but all provide similar services to individuals. Online colleges have opened the door for any to attend school and make a better life for themselves and their family. If you find that you are a good listener and give good advice, consider a career in counseling. Your natural talents can take you far and will help many people.