A degree to make video games? Yes, while they might be fun and easy to play, designing and developing video games can take a high level of intelligence and a great degree of skill and knowledge. Not just any ‘Joe Schmo’ can walk off the street and start building a video game, especially of the advanced degree of quality and playability required of many of the games of today. Still, video game design can be an interesting, exciting, and highly rewarding area in which to work, and if you can see yourself in such a role, it might be worth learning more about an online degree in the field.

Classes and Coursework in Video Game Design

It isn’t all fun and games (excuse the pun) when it comes to the classes and coursework you might experience while obtaining an online video game design degree. There can be a wide variety of video game and design subject matter you may encounter during your degree work, some of which is highly specialized toward the video game field. This means that unlike a management degree, where much of what you learn could be applied in a variety of roles and careers, some of the courses you’ll likely be taking in your video game design degree may not do you much good outside the field. Therefore, it could be to your advantage to search for an online degree program that buffers your specified degree work with general education courses. Doing so could help you supplement your education in case you end up venturing outside the video game design field.

Here is a smattering of the types of courses or subject matter you may encounter within your degree work.

• Game design
• Animation
• 3-D modeling
• Game math
• Character modeling and animation
• Digital composition
• Digital effects
• Background development
• Programming
• Special effects
• Design techniques
• Game physics

Jobs and Careers
While certainly more limited in scope and availability than broader degree areas such as business or criminal justice, there is still a variety of roles and career options to which a person might apply their video game design degree. From the government and military to the private sector, many industries are searching for those with programming and video game design skills. With a video game design degree, you may find yourself doing graphics work for military simulations programs, working in Hollywood assisting with the latest 3-D movie efforts, or developing the latest and greatest version of the most popular video game. Wherever you see yourself ending up, here are a few options you might consider when it comes to jobs and careers within the video game design field.

• Programmer
• Software engineer
• Game play tester
• Background developer
• Support specialist
• Digital and storyboard artists
• Animator
• Production manager/assistant
• Project Coordinator
• Conceptual artist
• Character builder

Doing Something You Love
While your work within the video game design field will likely require more than just playing video games all day, you could find yourself working in a field that you love. You might be spending countless hours developing, designing, and testing games, creating new and interesting characters, or searching for bugs and other issues that may affect game play. But the end result, a completed and playable video game, can make the time you’ve spent on your craft as well as your education, well worth the effort.

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