Students who wish to pursue an online bachelor’s degree have more options than ever before. Online colleges have designed many types of bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed virtually, without ever having to set foot on a campus. For working adults and parents who thought their dream career was impossible, think again! Online education makes earning a bachelor’s degree a real possibility for motivated students. Here are some of the main types of online bachelor’s degree programs colleges have to offer.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing will prepare you to work in advertising departments, product development, or promotions. Marketing majors are typically employed by larger companies who need experts to put a public face on their products and develop strategies and advertising campaigns. Some marketing majors end up doing research on what consumers are looking for in new products and services. For students who are interested in predicting and shaping future trends, marketing is one major with its eye on the future of business.

Business Administration

For students interested in leadership positions, an online bachelor’s degree in business administration is a great way to get there. Business degrees can be generalized, or they can focus on one particular aspect of business, such as human resources or project management. Search for Online Business Schools.


There’s a whole range of career opportunities for students holding bachelor’s degrees in accounting. Accounting majors may work in budgeting departments, as auditors, for tax preparation companies, or they may even go into business for themselves. Accountants can also work in any sector, from health care to non-profit. Find an Online Accounting Degree Program.

Web Design and Graphic Design

Creative students who also like technology may find an ideal major in web design or graphic design. Web designers make web pages and websites for companies by combining creativity with coding. Graphic designers may also create websites, but they also learn simple flash animation, page layout for magazines and newspapers, logo creation, and packaging design. View a complete list of Schools offering Web Design Degrees Online.

Game Design

For serious gamers, majoring in game design can lead to a dream career as a video game developer or animator. Game design majors learn how to use software programs for 3D rendering, character and object creation, and background development. In addition to learning how to draw and animate everything in a video game world, some game designers may choose to specialize in sound effects, music, or storyline development. Find an online Game Design Degree.

Information Technology

Earning an online bachelor’s degree in information technology will teach you everything you need to know to land a job as a professional computer expert. Depending on the school, students may choose to specialize in fields like computer networking, network security, database administration, or programming. View schools offering information technology programs online.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice majors learn about all the different individual and social factors that cause crime. They also learn about psychology and criminal rehabilitation. For students looking for challenging careers that make a difference in the world, an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can lead to positions in law enforcement, corrections, or social service. Online criminal justice degree programs.


While a earning an online bachelor’s degree in psychology won’t qualify you to be a practicing counselor, it is a versatile degree that can be used in a wide variety of fields. Employers recognize psychology majors as having exceptional people skills, so they often end up working with the public or in supervisory positions. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is also a great foundation for further study, and students who go on to earn master’s degrees or PhDs can work as clinical psychologists. Browse schools that offer psychology degrees online.

Health Care Management

Health care is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. Students who earn an online bachelor’s degree in health care management end up working behind the scenes in hospitals, nursing homes, and for home health care companies. They learn what it takes to run a hospital or clinical practice so they may become billing specialists, records keepers, or office managers. Some may even end up supervising departments or developing patient care protocol for staff. Search for Health Care Degree Programs.

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