If you’re just beginning your educational journey, choosing which type of online associate degree to earn can be more difficult than final exams. With online colleges offering so many choices, students can feel overwhelmed by all the options. Here’s a breakdown of the some of the most popular types of online associate degrees offered by online schools and what students can expect to study in each.

Information Technology

For computer-savvy students, an information technology program will teach the fundamentals of how information technology works. Students may earn online associate degrees in networking, programming, computer systems, or security to prepare for jobs in technical fields. Students who are also creative may choose to major in web design or development.


An online associate degree in business may be a general studies program that prepares students for the corporate world with administration and management classes. Other online business programs are more focused on one particular aspect of the field. Students who already know what they’re interested in doing when they graduate or are trying to earn promotions at their current employer may choose to earn online associate degrees in accounting, human resources, project management, or marketing.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a popular major for people who are interested in criminal behavior, laws, and the social causes of crime. Criminal justice majors usually have a strong desire to do something that will make a difference in the world. Students earning an online associate degree on criminal justice learn about sociology and psychology while preparing for careers in law enforcement and corrections.


Healthcare is the field of study associated with the business aspect of running hospitals, clinics, private doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and home health care services. These are some of the hottest and most in-demand careers right now, and earning an online associate degree in healthcare administration is a great first step to breaking into the field. Students interested in healthcare can choose between administration and medical billing and coding degree programs.


While an online associate degree in psychology won’t qualify you to be a professional counselor, it will provide an excellent liberal arts foundation for students who wish to pursue further studies in psychology. An online associate degree in psychology may also qualify students for some jobs in the social services and public health sector.


Paralegals assist lawyers with research, correspondence, writing briefs, making contracts, and filing paperwork. With just an online paralegal associate degree or certificate, students become qualified to work as paralegals or legal secretaries in law firms doing important and interesting work. A paralegal program will teach you how to use legal databases to find relevant case information, improve your writing skills, and create legal documents.