Getting a degree online has a variety of pros and cons of varying degrees. Of course, many of each category depend largely on your attitude, work ethic, living situation, financial situation, and a multitude of other factors. There are however, several pros and cons to getting a bachelor’s degree online that are more common among those who are obtaining their education in this way.

Let’s start with the cons first.


When you are taking online courses to obtain your bachelor’s degree, the weight and responsibility of staying on task and motivated will often fall squarely upon your shoulders. While this isn’t to say that a similar sense of work ethic won’t be needed when attending school at a college campus, motivation from others, such as dorm or roommates, professors, and classmates can be helpful in finding that extra push to succeed. Getting your bachelor’s degree online can at times be a lonely path, and depending on your support system, there may or may not be a shoulder to cry upon when things go wrong or someone to high-five when you’ve just aced a test.

While online degrees are becoming more commonplace, they often still carry the stigma of not being as good as a degree obtained at an actual college campus. While this may or may not be true based on a huge number of factors, not the least of which involves the personality of the student, the quality of the educational institution, and the effort put forth in obtaining the education, it is a factor to be considered when mulling the cons of an online bachelor’s degree.

One of the great things about getting your bachelor’s degree from a campus-based institution is the camaraderie and human interaction you receive. Socializing, learning how to work effectively in teams, doing group work, giving presentations, and discovering how to negotiate with and motivate others is often a large part of the campus education experience. This isn’t to say that you won’t have contact with people when getting a bachelor’s degree online, but often the level of interaction you receive is limited compared to that of getting a degree on campus.

Now for the pros.


One of the best aspects of getting your bachelor’s degree online may be that you can often mold your schedule to fit your lifestyle and living situation. Whether you have family to care for, have to spend your day at the office, or work at night, being able to take courses online can make finding time to fulfill other responsibilities easier. When you go to schedule classes on a college campus, you are often at the whim of schedule restrictions, class times may not correlate with your schedule or you are forced to take classes when maybe you aren’t at your best (like 8am) and don’t feel like learning. With the flexibility of online courses, you can often avoid these types of situations, making scheduling a major benefit of getting a bachelor’s degree online.

When you can accomplish your coursework from the privacy of your own, curled up next to a blazing fireplace in a coffee shop, or within a secluded corner of your local library, you may come to realize one of the true benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree online. Not only are you not forced into a cramped little desk, in a sterile classroom, next to that guy with the strange odor, but when you take courses online you can often choose to work and learn in the spaces where you are most comfortable and that are truly conducive to your learning experience. The next time you drive by a college campus when it’s snowing and 5 degrees below or it’s 95 degrees in the shade and students are tromping to class at 7:30 in the morning, you might realize just how good you have it taking courses online.

Another aspect of the ease of attendance when getting a degree online is that you don’t necessarily have to move away from where you currently live to attend school. Unlike students who have to leave home or their current residence to get a campus-based education, you can save money and trouble by staying put with an online degree. For many students who attend campuses in large cities, just getting from class to class can sometimes be an adventure.

Since you don’t have to commit to a certain geographic area to go to school, you may find you have a greater variety when it comes to selecting a program that best suites your needs. With a larger pool of schools and programs to choose from, you may be more selective when choosing a school. Not only this, but if you decide that a particular program isn’t all you though it might be, you don’t have to move to try another.