Many of us may have heard of the typical advantages to being able to perform work roles online. Avoiding the daily commute, saving money books, and cutting food costs by not eating lunch out so often are just a few of the more common positives.

Those advantages — while great — can pale in comparison though to certain other “big picture” advantages of working online. Going to school online can do more than just create some money saving advantages; it can create life altering advantages as well.

Incredible Mobility
Going to school by way of the Internet can provide fantastic mobility in where you live and how. From spending time visiting family and friends while still being able to study and remain productive, to exploring and living in new regions, options abound when it comes to Internet based schooling.

This mobility can create savings by way of increased living opportunities. Short-term living with family members where rent and utility costs might be reduced, the ability to live in locations where the cost of living or rent is lower, and the choice to select living locations where there is more to do (i.e. going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, canoeing, camping, etc.), can create a better quality of life but at much lower costs.

Earn the Same or More But Pay Less
With your increased mobility might come the opportunity to move to a location where the cost of living is less, but in which — since you go to school on the Internet — you don’t necessarily have to find a new job, and you may be able just as much or more than you did in a higher cost of living area.

For example, my wife and I were recently looking at a house in another state. The property we were interested in was about half as much as a home of equal size in the area in which we are in currently. The property taxes there were about a quarter of what they are in our current location. Our income however, would remain about the same in either location, which means our dollars would have significantly more buying power because of the reduced cost of living in the other state.

This example illustrate how being able to continue an online education, but increase the amount of earning power you or your family has by relocating or by just staying put in a lower cost location could be a huge benefit of getting an online education.

Fantastic Family Time Opportunity
Furthering an education by way of the Internet can provide a fantastic opportunity to spend more time with the family. Not only can this be a huge financial advantage, allowing you to save thousands of dollars per child in childcare costs each year, but it can make for a wonderful chance to a raise a child as you see fit, rather than how someone at a daycare or similar childcare provider might decide.

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