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With a more narrow focus than the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree focuses on developing specialized knowledge in a more specific field of study. During the master degree program, students take only classes in their field, perform detailed research, and–in some cases–prepare a scholarly thesis reflecting their research results. A master’s program is very different than undergraduate work. Your studies are compressed into two years or at most three; the academic pace is more intense and there is usually a major thesis or capstone project that completes the entire process. You’ll be doing some concentrated studying and likely be engaged in challenging research. Entry into a master degree program may require a satisfactory score on an admissions test, the completion of an undergraduate degree, and/or pertinent work experience.

The master of arts (M.A.) and master of science (M.S.) degrees are usually awarded in the traditional arts, sciences, and humanities disciplines. The M.S. is also awarded in technical fields such as engineering and computer science. Original research, research methodology, and field investigation are emphasized. These programs usually require the completion of between 30 and 60 credit hours and could reasonably be completed in one or two academic years of full-time study. They may lead directly to the doctoral level.

Today the master’s degree plays an integral role in educational development and in career goals. Many people are returning to school after beginning a career with a bachelor’s degree and accumulating several years of experience. Teachers are returning to school to earn a Master’s in Education in order to join management ranks, or a Master of Arts in Teaching to move up in pay grade and teach at the secondary education level. Engineers are finding that the best jobs require a master’s degree; some Registered Nurses are bypassing the bachelor’s degree altogether and enrolling in an RN to MSN program. More education simply means more opportunity in many professional sectors.

Master’s programs range from being entirely course-based to entirely research based, with most programs structured to combine both approaches. Whatever your profession, a Master’s degree is always a great career move. On average, the lifetime income of workers with Master’s degrees is approximately 25% higher than those with Bachelor’s.

Following is a list of accredited colleges where you can earn a masters degree online in various programs. If you’re considering enrolling for an online masters degree, you may request for free information from the colleges that match your interest.