online computer science degreeComputer science graduates are in demand in business, industry, research organizations, and government. The future holds many challenges. The architecture of computers that we deal with everyday is changing: multi-core processors are here and are fast replacing the single-CPU/single-core desktop and laptop. Entertainment in the form of games, films, and music now relies heavily on high performance computing. Computer hardware and software pervades devices and equipment that we use everyday and has thus become the primary source of flexible and varied functionality – and hence a key driver of the global economy. Projects of national and global importance in science and engineering seek computer science as an essential means for advancement and service.

The demand for well-trained and highly qualified computer scientist in the U.S. remains strong. Virtually every field of science and engineering is affected by computing, and computer scientists play a key role in interdisciplinary efforts that bring the power of computing technology to these areas. Listed below are programs that offer Bachelors, Masters and online certificate programs related to several different computing areas.