Nursing Career OptionsNursing is a wonderful career that is constantly growing and changing. With our aging population, the need for qualified nurses is constant in our healthcare system. Training to be a nurse can be done at a Career College, which will focus your education specifically on the requirement of nursing licensure and clinical exposure. Being a nurse doesn’t limit you to strictly working in a hospital or a doctor’s office. The following are additional opportunities that you would be qualified to do after completing your education in a Career College.

  • Working in a traditional physician’s office, whether it’s a family practice or specialist office is a career that you are qualified for after completing a Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School. These positions have you working directly with patients and physicians and having a direct impact on patient care. In a position like this you will be hands on with the patients and be able to form a relationship with them in order to help with the care of their illnesses. You will follow through their care and ensure that everything is taken care of.
  • Working in a hospital is fast paced work. There are many different areas to work in. Each hospital has an emergency room and then different patient care areas. Your education from a Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School will prepare you to work with any of the departments in the hospital. This is an exciting proposition because each environment from Dermatology to Oncology comes with its own excitement, rewards and challenges. There is ample room for transfer between departments and your knowledge from one area will be an asset to another department.
  • Hospice work requires compassion. While a degree from a Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School will provide you with the basic skills needed; completing the work required to assist patients during this phase of their life will be the most challenging work of your career. Assisting patients as they make the transition between life and death is the most difficult transition for the patient and family to make. While you are the nurse for the hospice patient you also become the nurse and knowledge source for the family and help them through the transition. A compassionate knowledgeable nurse makes all the difference to the family.
  • Skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities will also be careers that you will be qualified to work in. Patients in this environment are often confused and lonely and need you more than you think. The skills taught from a Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School will get you far but your emotional strength and compassion will get you farther as your patients will need to draw from your emotional strength.
  • Home health and private nursing is another avenue of employment. This area of employment involves individualized patient care and personal attention. Patients requiring this type of care are generally home bound and need assistance completing the activities of daily life, such as bathing and other sanitary needs, toiletry needs, meals, dressing, cleaning the environment, paying bills and other such activities. Providing this care allows an elderly patient to remain in their home environment while receiving the palliative care they need. You will become very close to the patient as you complete these tasks, and your compassion and emotions will be stretched, as well as the skills taught to you in the Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School.

Being a nurse is a very rewarding career. It is a career that you can attain by attending a Nursing Program from an Accredited Nursing School. In order to be successful in a nursing career not only do you need to love your work but you need to have a love of people, which translates into compassion a trait that will make you a truly successful nurse.