As you grew, if you ever felt that your heart calls out to heal wounds of the stray animals or simply felt the senses to hold the hand of an elderly person to help him cross the street or then the noblest of all professions nursing as a career option could be the one where your passion is.

Nursing is a specific art that protects and prevents against illness and injury, alleviates suffering through treatment, is a balm to aching souls and advocates care of families, individuals and community in a broader sense. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics US), there are almost 2.5 million nurses, the largest workforce in the clinical health care industry. And, with the growing health care industry and mushrooming of health care centers, hospitals and corporate care systems you can only expect the numbers to rise.

Roles and responsibilities of nurses

The roles and responsibilities of nurses are manifold and the work of a nurse depends on the qualification, skill set, and given situation. Nurses work in tandem with the doctors. If doctors diagnose diseases, nurses ensure that the treatment is administered under proper care and guidance. For a successful recuperation of a patient, nursing plays a very vital role. Nursing encompasses a wide gamut from providing hygiene to administering injections, from updating medical records of the patients to setting up operating equipments in an operation theater and several other chores such as pre-surgical preparation to post-operative care.

There are different types of nursing career options with unique set of responsibilities such as:

Hospital nursing: In these nurses are assigned for specific areas such as maternity, pediatric, surgery, intensive care, rehabilitative and others.

Public health nursing: In this field nurses are trained to work in government health care centers and even in private clinics to provide with basic health care services to the local population. These nurses work mostly in the semi-urban and rural areas; arranging for immunization, health screening, and blood pressure checking, etc.

Industrial Nursing: This nursing is restricted to an industrial area and the nurses are responsible for taking care and providing with emergency services to people working/residing in that area.

Other areas include psychiatric nursing, pediatric nursing, armed forces nursing. Another major avenue of nursing as a career option is also working as an educator. In this area as a nurse one can teach as well as administer educational programs to keep the nurses on duty abreast with modern technology and latest innovative methods of caring. One can also work as Nurse Administrators and Executives who basically works and monitors safety and compliance standards under Occupational Safety and Health Act and also assess work place environment to determine potential risk and hazards.

The latest career opportunity in nursing that is growing is to work as a travel nurse. The location of a travel nurse is not restricted to hospitals and clinics settings, instead they are contracted to travel to different locations and work in a physician’s clinics, resorts and even in corporate recreational travel settings.

How to get started with nursing?

Professional career in Nursing requires a 4 year degree course in nursing. Besides these there are various institutions that provide with diploma, graduate as well as postgraduate courses on nursing.

To be a registered nurse, one needs to complete a diploma in nursing, a graduate degree in nursing or an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and one also needs to pass the nursing certification exam as well.

To take it further you can become Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. You can enroll for online courses to go ahead with this career option as e-learning is the buzzword in today’s’ learning industry. At, JustColleges you can search by location or desired course to fit your options. However, as all career choices, nursing is another field that calls for greater commitment as you are working towards healing a person. You should not take it if you simply need a job you need to love nursing to make it to the top.