Nursing career overviewNursing is more than a career it’s a way of life. Nurses are a special kind of individual. To be successful they must have compassion, empathy, independence, good decision making skills and a caring nature. These skills are often very natural and inborn into a nurse but they can be taught as well.

Nurses hone their skills at career colleges and then they are able to work in many different environments. Nurses can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, workers’ compensation and schools among other places. Aside from all the varied places to work there are many reasons to become a nurse.

The following are reasons to consider becoming a nurse:

  1. You become the face of medicine to your patients. When you deliver medication, assist in a procedure, accompany a patient for treatment or just simply offer a kind word you have become the face of medicine to that patient and have become an integral part of their treatment.
  2. You are a part of the cure. Taking part of treating a patient makes you a part of the cure. You are actively trying to make the patient better. You are not only the face of medicine but you are a part of the cure. When the patient feels better they will remember not only the doctors but the nurses that helped them to feel better.
  3. You get to help stop abuse. If you encounter a patient that has been abused or worse you have an obligation to report this to the authorities to put a stop to the abuse. This is a responsibility that is beneficial to others who will end up grateful to you in the long run.
  4. You get to provide comfort to hurting individuals and families. The sick and dying often are in need of comfort and compassion. Being a nurse allows you the time and opportunity to explain exactly what is going on with an individual’s treatment and what to expect next. It also allows you to be the compassionate contact for families to trust.
  5. There are opportunities for advancement. You can become a supervisor and manage other nurses, their schedules and the business of being a nurse. You can also specialize your training and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or even an Assistant Surgeon.
  6. You have the opportunity to work in a nursing home. This allows you to give your patient more specialized care and compassion than they will find elsewhere. You will have fewer patients and this allows you to work closely with one patient and family and really make a difference in their quality of life.
  7. There are other options such as working for insurance companies or workers compensation where you are directly involved in patient care. You would be able to look at all aspects of a patient’s injury or illness and determine the best course of treatment. Nurses often coordinate the care a patient needs between various doctors. Some insurance companies also use nurses to coordinate transplants and all the care leading up to it. In both aspects you are directly involved in the outcome of a patients care.

Nursing can be a fun and exciting career. If you have the traits to be successful at it look into your local career colleges and find a program you can work with. This career is one that will be rewarding regardless of where you work. Study hard and enjoy this career.

There are many schools that offer nursing courses. To see these and others, visit the Nursing Schools directory today.