Reasons to become a massage therapistMassage therapy is a popular and growing field. There are two types of massage therapy, clinical massage therapy and relaxation massage therapy. The following are reasons to consider becoming a massage therapist in either capacity.

  1. The job will never be boring. You will have new patients every day. Some will be conversational while receiving a massage, so you will get to know your clients very well.
  2. There are over 80 different types of massages that you can specialize in. This means you can always learn new massage techniques in order to expand your business and gain new clients.
  3. You can choose whether to be clinical or mainly relaxation. Your choice will determine you work environment, pay, and type of clients.
  4. If you are a relaxation massage therapist you can be your own boss and be self employed.
  5. Being a relaxation massage therapist also allows you to create the type of ambience you desire and work best with.
  6. Relaxation massage therapists can set their own hours, pay, number of clients per day and the types of clients they treat.
  7. Massage therapists in either capacity work in a very relaxing environment. Creating a relaxing ambience for your clients in turn creates a relaxing environment for you to work in.
  8. Massage therapists work on their feet all day and use their hands and arms to do their work. This is good exercise and will go far towards helping you stay physically fit.
  9. Some relaxation massage therapists work with businesses and carry mobilized equipment to work with the employees on site. This is a great way to partner with a big client and make more money and build clientele.
  10. Massage therapy is a very rapidly growing field. With the stressful world, repetitive motion injuries and an aging population all requiring help with tight aching muscles the need is only going to go up.

Massage therapy is a field that is growing and needs qualified massage therapists. Consider the above reasons when making your decision about whether or not to join this field. For a list of schools that offer massage therapy programs, see the Massage Therapy Schools directory.