It should come as no surprise that everyone-from seniors to pregnant women to CEOs-benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapists soothe our aching muscles, relax us after a terrible day, and even help us recover from injuries. If you’re still not convinced, here are ten reasons to call a massage therapist today.

  1. Massage therapy increases circulation. This is a huge help for diabetics and seniors, who are at risk for developing infections in their feet and legs due to lack of circulation.
  2. Massage therapy reduces pain. For patients struggling with arthritis, muscle strain, or any number of other ailments, massage therapy can reduce or eliminate the need to take pain medication. This is an incredible benefit for people who take other medication that doesn’t mix well with other drugs.
  3. Massage therapy helps injuries heal faster. Patients recovering from everything from surgery to sprains see improved recovery time when massage therapy is used in combination with other treatment. This is great news for seniors and folks with compromised immune systems who can take longer to heal.
  4. Massage therapy increases mobility and flexibility. Because massage therapy works muscles and joints, people who are stiff or having trouble getting around can benefit enormously from massage.
  5. Massage therapy reduces stress. Stress gets blamed as the root cause of so many illnesses, disorders, and injuries. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill you could take to relax that didn’t have any nasty side effects? Oh, wait! Massage therapy can greatly reduce stress, but it might be habit-forming.
  6. Massage therapy can be used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Because of its unique ability to help people relax and feel good about themselves, massage has also been used in conjunction with conventional treatment to help patients suffering from psychological disorders.
  7. Massage therapy can improve athlete performance. Athletes spend so much time training and working out, their muscles are affected by the strain. Athletes’ muscles can ache, tear, cramp, and spasm all in a hard day’s work. Massage therapy both before and after training helps reduce pain and injury.
  8. Massage therapy raises immunity to illness. By reducing stress, improving circulation, and stimulating the lymphatic system, regular massages can reduce susceptibility to cold and flu.
  9. Massage therapy can help heal scars and stretch marks. According to massage therapists, the increased circulation to the skin helps reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. While this might be a tough one to believe, scars and stretch marks do fade over time, and it’s entirely possible that massage therapy speeds up the process.
  10. Massage therapy reduces hypertension. Not only does massage reduce stress by making you feel good, it can lower blood pressure. For folks married to their hypertension medication, massage therapy can be a great addition to treatment.

Because massage therapy has so many benefits the Western world is just now discovering, trained and licensed massage therapists are in demand. If you’re interested in a growing career field that helps people feel good, check out the Massage Therapy Schools directory to see a list of massage therapy programs.