Massage therapy is a field in the health and wellness industry that continues to grow as an alternative form of therapy. Much research has been done, and is continuing, in the field that shows the many different health benefits of massage therapy, including the lowering of stress levels, blood pressure, anxiety and depression, as well as the healing power it can have for bodily injuries.

If you’re looking for massage therapy programs in Florida, this is one state that regulates the licensure of massage therapists. You can qualify for licensure either through examination or by endorsement, such as if you have brought a massage therapy license from a different state. To qualify for licensure by examination, you must complete a massage therapy program that’s approved by Florida’s Board of Massage Therapy and a two-hour course on the prevention of medical errors. You also need to pass one of four different exams, such as the National Certification Exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) or The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

Massage Therapy Programs

Florida’s Board of Massage Therapy maintains a list of hundreds of approved schools that you can choose from if you’re looking to eventually become licensed in the state. Most of these schools have campus-based programs, especially given the hands-on nature of training that massage therapy programs in Florida require.

Cortiva Institute

The massage therapy program at Cortiva Institute is offered at two different campus locations, one in Tampa Bay and the other in Pinellas Park. Cortiva’s program has a well-rounded approach to the field, including lectures and coursework in anatomy and physiology as well as clinic work and hands-on classroom instruction. The major focus at Cortiva is on the school’s 750-hour professional Therapeutic Applications of Massage Program that includes training in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Daytona College

Daytona College’s campus is located in Ormond Beach, Florida, and aside from offering a degree program in massage therapy, also trains students in skin care and cosmetology, medical assisting and health information technology. Daytona College has a couple different options for massage therapy degrees, including its Therapeutic and Medical Therapeutic Massage program as well as dual therapeutic message and skin care associate’s degree program. Completing any of these programs makes you eligible for licensure as a massage therapist in Florida. In addition to procedures and techniques of massage therapy, the Medical Therapeutic Massage program includes topics on hydrotherapy, law and ethics, sports massage and allied modalities.

Other career colleges and technical schools in Florida approved by the state’s board of massage therapists include Sanford-Brown Institute, Keiser Career College, Everest University and Sunstate Academy, among others. You can find massage therapy programs in Florida essentially all over the state, including in and around major cities and metropolitan areas like Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami. Each university has its own unique massage therapy program that prepares you professionally for entry into the field.

Massage therapy is a field that is growing and needs qualified massage therapists. For a list of schools that offer massage therapy programs, see the Massage Therapy Schools directory.