With business and marketing two of the most common majors among colleges and universities, there are many job titles and career options that go along with them. If you’re looking to earn a bachelor degree in marketing, you’ll be exposed to classes that cover both marketing and business. For example, business communication and business law are two core courses often included in the curriculum for marketing bachelor degree programs. You’ll also take other core courses important for a marketing major, such as principles of marketing, international marketing, organizational behavior, consumer behavior, marketing research and economics courses, among others.

A degree in marketing prepares you for careers working with organizations, companies and businesses that have a vested interest in promoting some product, service or idea. In doing so, these organizations and businesses need the expertise that only a marketing major can offer. That said, there are several different career paths or roles you can fulfill working for an established company or organization.

Market Researcher

Market research is a critical component of any company’s marketing plan. As a market researcher, your primary goal is to understand the intended target for the message or brand a company wants to get out. Before the company can get its message out, the market researcher must look at a variety of statistics and data pertaining to the target market or marketing scene. For example, researching consumers’ habits might entail looking at purchasing habits or surveying customers’ needs.

Market researchers employ several kinds of techniques to get the information they want. Focus groups, telephone and mail surveys, and published studies through which the researcher can obtain secondary data are among the top resources. When the researcher obtains the information, he must analyze it to figure out what it means for the company or organization for which he works.

Brand Management

Another career option you can take after earning a bachelor degree in marketing is that of the brand manager. The brand manager is actually one of the most important assets to a company with a brand or line of products and services to promote. The brand manager is responsible for disseminating information about the brand or brand family as a whole, strategizing an overall marketing plan and often calling for more ad campaigns.

If you want to work in this capacity after you earn your bachelor’s degree in marketing, you’ll need to excel in directing and communicating with others on your team. The brand manager often directs the entire marketing research team and directs others’ actions in the way of promotional activities for the brand, and research and product development.

Public Relations Specialist

You can also work as a public relations specialist with a degree in marketing. This job function can be found with a variety of companies, organizations and employers. As a public relations specialist or manager, your job is to manage the entire communication line between the company for whom you’re representing and media outlets, your own employees, investors and consumers as well as the general public. You might write press releases, hold news conferences and respond to inquiries from journalists and other media.

Other jobs you can obtain with a bachelor degree in marketing include that of a promotions manager or director, an advertising manager or account executive, media coordinator, media buyer or even market analyst. All of these require different skills sets and specialties, which is why many marketing bachelor degree programs offer different tracks that you can choose during your education. Nevertheless, all the aforementioned jobs also rely on the foundational knowledge you receive during the classes you take as part of the marketing major.

If you think a career in marketing would be right for you, why wait, get started right away. For more information regarding marketing programs, check out the Marketing Schools directory.