Healthcare administration is a blanket term for a whole range of career possibilities. Because there are many different types of degree programs and specializations available to students to choose from, trying to figure out if the healthcare field is right for you can be a little overwhelming. To make it easier, here are five reasons to consider earning a degree in healthcare administration.

1. Healthcare Administration is a huge field, and you can tailor your education to your interests.

Like computers and using the latest technology? Try a healthcare technology program and end up in a career digitizing patient records, overseeing a hospital’s intranet, or even designing privacy systems. Interested in nursing or direct patient care? Some healthcare administrators oversee hospital departments like oncology and radiology, while others coordinate staff and develop standard rules and procedures for delivering care. More interested in numbers and accounting? A hospital or clinic billing department would love to have you. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in; healthcare administration has something for you.

2. You can use both your organization skills and your medical training at the same job.

For a medical assistant, nurse, radiographer, or other healthcare worker, earning a healthcare administration degree or completing accelerated nursing programs can be the key to a promotion. If you love what you do, but you want to take the next step in your career, healthcare administration can be a way to do your job with more responsibility and a higher pay grade. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to use your other talents like your organization skills and your business savvy at work.

3. You can work in a field that helps people without doing gross medical stuff.

If you’ve always thought you would make a great doctor or nurse because you have a ton of compassion for people in pain but you pass out at the mere thought of blood, you can still work in the medical field. Healthcare administrators often work behind the scenes to write the policies and make the budgets, and they still take pride in knowing they’ve helped people get the care they need.

4. Healthcare administration is a great field for tech-savvy computer geeks.

Computer and technology-oriented people who desire careers in networking, software development, and database administration often overlook healthcare technology as a career possibility. Hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities, and even private practices need computer people. Most hospitals now have their own private intranets to transmit information from one department to another. Patient records are going digital. While other companies are laying off their tech teams, the health care industry is hiring folks to get and keep them online.

5. Healthcare administrators are in demand AND make good money.

All types of healthcare administrators are needed right now. The field of healthcare administration is expected to grow 16% through 2016, with most new jobs being in practitioners’ offices and in home health care agencies. Traditionally, most healthcare administration jobs are located in hospital settings, and these positions garner the highest annual salaries. Hospital healthcare administrators earned $94,040 on average in 2008. Other types of healthcare management positions also pay very well. For all positions, the average annual salary was $88,750.