Are you a well organized person who likes order and enjoys working with detail? Medical Billing and Coding require these qualities. The work involves preparing and processing medical insurance claims for patients. As it is a rapidly growing field this means it is a good training choice to find employment. The job needs people who enjoy being systematic, accurate and precise in what they do. Those who read carefully and learn quickly will thrive in this environment.

Medical Billing and Coding specialists take the pressure off the medical staff and leave them to do what they are trained to do. While most medical billers and coders work for an organization, it is possible to start your own business when you feel sufficiently experienced.

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are a number of schools where one can get a certificate, diploma or degree in medical billing and coding. Here are two of the top schools offering this program

Everest College – Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Program

Everest College one of the top career schools in the country has campuses not only in Atlanta but also in Marietta, Decatur, Norcross and Jonesboro. Given the number of campuses in and around Atlanta it should be possible to find one close to home. Their program offers a simulated practice where you manually and electronically prepare insurance claims. In addition, their hands on training includes classes on medical insurance, claims processing, diagnostic coding and more.

Learn more about the Medical Insurance Billing program at Everest College

Sanford- Brown College – Certificate Program in Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

For over 135 years, Sanford-Brown has been providing students with the hands-on skills employers are looking for. The college offers flexible programs – day, evening, weekend, online – that allow you to take classes when you want, how you want. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. In addition, the college offers access to externship sites for practical, real-life experience with real patients (when applicable). They offer placements during training as well as classroom teaching which gives the student useful insight into the ‘real’ world of medical billing and coding as well as experience in the type of location they will be working in.

Learn more about the Medical Billing program at Sanford Brown College

Both colleges have experienced professionals teaching the courses and this gives the student an advantage in having their knowledge available.

Certification in Medical Billing and Coding

Entry to a medical billing and coding program does not usually have any specific educational demands. However a high school diploma would be a good foundation. Courses last from one to two years depending on the type of certification you choose. The colleges should be able to guide you here.

Two years working experience after the program can make this add up to four years. An associate degree in medical billing and coding is a basic requirement for certification although needs can vary. An associate degree is the equivalent to the first two years of a four year degree suggesting that further study could lead to a degree.

Certification requires sitting an exam which has to be completed in under six hours. While the training may be on line, this exam has to be taken at a live testing centre After that maintaining your knowledge base ensures continued certification and the board will be able to advise on what they want. While requirements may change there does not seem to be a demand for licensure.

Take advantage of your natural talents for precision and order to find work which is rewarding and in a growing field.