Health Degrees

Cosmetology Degree Guide

Cosmetologists work as makeup artists, skin care professionals, manicurists, and hair stylists. Cosmetologist can even tailor their studies to enter careers in specialized fields like stage makeup and wig care.

Massage Degree Guide

Massage therapists provide a variety of massage services. From reflexology to sports massage, the career possibilities are great for licensed and trained massage therapists who have a genuine desire to help people's muscles feel better.

Nursing Degree Guide

There are over 2.5 million nurses in this country, yet we are still experiencing an unprecedented nursing shortage. If you have a strong desire to help people and are interested in working closely with patients under a doctor's supervision, nursing can be a highly challenging and rewarding career path.

Physical Therapy Degree Guide

Fitness trainers and nutritionists work with individuals and groups to develop diet and exercise routines tailored to their clients' needs. Everyone from children to the elderly can benefit from physical fitness specialists who can pursue many types of careers, from teaching yoga classes to planning school lunch menus.

Psychology Degree Guide

Psychologists use what they know about the human brain to diagnose and treat mental health problems. Many psychologists also specialize to work in a particular branch of psychology, such as school psychology or industrial psychology.

X-ray Technology Degree Guide

Whether you fell and twisted your ankle or were involved in a serious car accident, an x-ray technician is the healthcare professional who will take x-rays of your injuries. X-ray techs must know how to operate equipment, position patients, and develop film so that doctors may assess the damage and determine the course of treatment.