Getting an education in financial planning could lead you to a fulfilling job in which you not only learn things that might help you in your everyday life but help others as well. With the baby boomers ready to retire, you might find that financial planning is a role in which you could find both great pay and job security. But job stability isn’t the only reason why you might choose to major in financial planning. Here are a few more reasons why this degree option could work for you.

As baby boomers near retirement and with younger generations seeing their financial futures seemingly grow dimmer due to economic issues and lack of personal financial education, the need for professionals to help plan for and guide these people is ever-present. With social security benefits in danger of being diminished for younger generations, retirement accounts not being where they need to be to ensure a secure financial future, and many state pensions severely underfunded, many people are looking for guidance to help them plan for their financial futures.

Desire to Help Others
Many people associate the desire to help others with healthcare, educational, or law enforcement professionals. There are those however, who find immense fulfillment in helping people with their personal financial planning. Helping people to prepare for and execute their dreams by way of sound financial advice can be a wonderful reason for getting into the financial planning field.

Analytical Aspirations
Some people love to toy with and analyze statistics, number and financial calculations. If you enjoy analyzing how much money someone would need to meet certain goals, how best to invest this money, how it would grow at certain rates or in certain investment vehicles, and find similar activities interesting, this might be a reason to major in financial planning.

Interested in Personal Finances
You may have grown up with family members who have instilled in you an intense interest in personal finances. This interest might help you not only assist others with their financial situations but allow you to learn more to help yourself as well. Furthering your own personal financial education can be a great reason to get a degree in financial planning.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors in Your Future
If you have entrepreneurial ambitions, a financial planning education could be a great way to further them. A degree in financial planning could set you on your way to opening your own financial planning business, or just help you with better understanding the financial needs and requirements of owning and operating a business.

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