Prompt: Write page 217 of your 300-page autobiography.

and that ended the most terrifying experience of my life.

Surprisingly by age 50,my lucrative business lost its thrill, and I felt like it was time to move on and experience more of what life had to offer. I had enough of the problems and headaches of mainstream life and decided to sell my business to my husband. With a couple million dollars as pocket-money and a picture of my family, I moved to Jamaica where stress is low and “hakuna matata” is the national motto. I wanted to start my new life fresh. I found a perfect, cozy beach house that overlooked the white sand beach and the clear blue ocean. It served as a beautiful sight to collect my thoughts as the waves methodically crashed to shore. While I was overlooking the sea and watching the red-gold sun disappear into the horizon, I realized how truly happy I was. Once again I felt the thrill of new beginnings and the excitement of things to come.

My husband, on the other had, was still heavily involved in the business and insisted on building a pool house with a basement that served as his office. This mock office, fully-equipped with the latest communication technology, enabled him to spend more time with his family, which was our agreement and our compromise. A night-owl and workaholic, my husband frequently worked from dusk until dawn.

My two children, now 20 and 18, are in college having the time of their lives. My son decided to transfer to Oxford while my daughter decided to attend my alma mater. With my children away at school, my husband and I planned a year’s vacation around the world. Although he insisted on bringing his mini-fax machine, his pocket computer, and his video-phone on the trip, he promised business would not get in the way, and he kept his promise.

Our first stop-New York. I wanted to marvel in the Statue of Liberty’s third renovation and catch the revival of the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber on Broadway. We spent seven glorious days in the Big Apple and reveled in all the urban experiences that we could cram in.

Next stop was Argentina, where we stayed with a family friend in Buenos Aries. The great abundance of food and its high quality leather are two things that stand out in my mind when I look back on our trip. We ate so much food I thought we would be accused of the sin of gluttony, but our only excuse was the fact that our friend served three appetizers, two salads, four main courses, and two desserts with every meal. As for Argentine leather, I must say its the finest crafted leather we had ever seen. My husband bought so much leather in the form of cowboy boots, pants, and jackets, he look like an over-aged vaquero ready to work on a ranch. As for me, I was glad I got the opportunity to practice my rusty Spanish while bargaining with the leather store owner. We enjoyed Argentina so much that we extended our stay to see the rest of the country, but after a couple weeks of touring, we had to say goodbye to our friend and catch a plane to our next destination, Madagascar with a stop over in Tanzania, Africa.

On our way to Madagascar, we encountered a major problem in



This writer took an unusual approach when answering this question by writing about her future. Most students see this question as asking about an incident in their past. This applicant, though, approached it creatively by writing a fun, light-hearted piece about her wildest hopes and dreams. The image of her living it up in the sun at her private pool or traveling the world while her husband slaves away in the basement office or drags along his fax and laptop (to run the business that she sold him) is quite funny and definitely reflects on her spark and wit. This was a good essay that deserved to be accepted.