How Working as an Educator Can Pay OffMany holders of education degrees end up entering teaching professions. The old image of a middle-aged, underpaid, overworked teacher who received little appreciate has recently begun to be replaced by a younger generation of often well-paid, highly appreciated educators. These teachers are beginning to recognize the benefits of a degree in education in a number of ways. From better benefits to the ability to balance work and family through shortened yearly work schedules not available in most professions, work in the education field is becoming an increasingly attractive career option to many.

Time Off

One of the best aspects as work as a teacher might be the schedule. It’s hard to find a profession these days that will offer its employees weekends, holidays, spring, winter, and possibly fall breaks, as well as extended time off during the summer. This benefit of working in education can allow more time to focus upon hobbies and other interests, take part-time jobs, visit family and travel, or just relax.

Family Life

Time off leads to another significant advantage of being a teacher — the ability to better balance work and family. Some teachers choose to work at a school in which their child or children attend, making for easier commuting. Even if a teacher doesn’t work at the same school as their child, the profession often lends itself to less stressful family conditions since at least one parent may not be working during many of the same days that their child is off from school. The relatively consistent hours of a school teacher also makes it easier for a parent to be available to drop off or pick up a child from school as well as be available for after school activities or spending time at home.

Staying Mentally Fit

By constantly being around a learning environment, many teachers are likely to utilize their mental capacities more than those not working in academia or education related fields. By teaching others and having to keep up with new modes and forms of learning, you may in turn be keeping your own mind active and healthy.

Rewards of Helping Others

One of the less hedonistic benefits of work as an educator is the ability to help others. While you might not work in education your entire life, your background may enable you to your teach and educate a number of people in various roles, situations and professions.

As a parent, you might find yourself better able to help your children as they grow and learn. Within a profession unrelated directly to education, you could find that you are better able to train and assist peers with learning new processes or skills. And your education degree may also help you better learn and continue educating yourself on your own initiative.

Your ability to teach others can also be quite rewarding and may leave you feeling as though your work has contributed to society. There will certainly be ups and downs, successes and failures, but many days you will likely come home from a teaching job with a sense of accomplishment that is often lacking in other professions.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and their May 2008 National Occupation Employment and Wage Estimates report, the overall average annual income for “Education, Training, and Library Occupations” was at $48,460. Educators may stand to make well over this amount by working in more specialized or postsecondary roles, or by moving into administrative levels within a particular school or school district.

Freedom to Move

Having a degree in education might better allow you to move and travel if that is something in which you are interested. Being able to find jobs within a school system or university or even online can open a number of career options compared to those without a degree in education. Depending on your degree and focus, you might find yourself teaching in another country, working from home as a tutor, or teaching online. This freedom to move, travel, or work from home can be a great motivator for getting a degree in education.

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