Teaching Career Opportunities

When you hear the words “Education Degree”, what pops into your mind? More than likely you are probably thinking that holders of such a degree will be school teachers – and yes, being a teacher is certainly a top option. However, there are more career opportunities than you might think for those who major in education than just being a school teacher. If you are considering getting your degree in teaching or education, here are a few options, which you might not yet have considered.


If you have your eye set on making some serious money with a degree in teaching or education, becoming a school or school district administrator might be a possible career path. While there are some who enter this profession from corporate environments, a degree in education can certainly provide an effective foundation for exploring this particular career path. You may even find that by working as an administrator you might move your way up the chain of command to find yourself at the state level where you are involved in decision-making processes that affect a large number of schools. View schools that offer an Online Education Administration Degree.


It could be that you want to avoid the responsibility and bureaucracy often involved in the administration side of education. If this is the case, becoming a private tutor can be a wonderful way to put your education to use, and possibly a quite profitable one as well. Although an education or teaching degree is not necessary to tutor students if you are proficient in certain subject matter, it can be helpful. Depending on your level of expertise in a particular area or subject, especially the more common English, math, and science topics, a tutor can earn a quite significant income, often from the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Childcare Provider or Pre-school Teacher

You may find the thought of teaching in a school system where you must deal with principals, administrators, parents, and unruly teens or pre-teens, a bit of a turnoff. If that is the case, you might consider work in the childcare industry. Not only can the money be reasonable as a childcare provide, but if you enjoy working with children before they become too independent this line of work might fit you well. View schools that offer an Online Elementary Education Degree.

Corporate Trainer

Maybe teaching kids as a whole is out of the question. If so, it might behoove you to utilize your education degree in the corporate or business world. There is money to be made working as a corporate trainer. Here you can utilize your teaching skills and educational background to help an organization mold their team members or make them more effective in certain methods or skill sets pertaining to their work.

You might also find that your teaching background is helpful if you would like to enter the human resources field. Much of a human resource employee’s time is often spent interacting, teaching and training employees, and many of the skills learned by getting an education or teaching degree can be applied to such work.

Teaching and Specialization

From kindergarten to elementary, middle, and high school, there are is a huge variety, not to mention need, for teachers of a multitude of subjects and backgrounds. From general education courses to very specific subject matter, teachers are often in demand. Those who can bring a specialty to the table within a certain subject or as a bi-lingual educator can be especially attractive to educational institutions.

A teaching career in English, literature, math, a variety of different science subjects, special education, foreign languages, physical education, art, music, computer science, accounting, history, economics, — the list goes on and on when it comes to the subject matter and specializations for which a teaching or education degree might prepare you. You may even find that you would prefer to advance your own education to become an assistant professor or professor at any number of colleges, universities, or online institutions. View schools that offer an Online Teaching Degree.

Miscellaneous Options

There are certain other job options when it comes to applying your teaching or education degree. Working as a substitute teacher or teacher’s aide, while often not as profitable as other roles on this list, are certainly viable options for those with a degree in the field. You may find it rewarding to help students plan their futures as a guidance counselor. Or if you have a knowledge of or proficiency in a particular sport or sports, you could consider working as, or at least supplementing a teaching income, by becoming a coach for a school’s athletic program.

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