Getting a degree in education can lead to a fun and fulfilling career path. For those who are interested not only in furthering their own education but that of others once they are out in the field, a degree in education could make for a great educational option.

How you decide to apply such a degree once out in the field may lead you to discover other reasons why it might be a good idea to choose education as a major, but here are five that might pique your initial interest.


There is a strong need for qualified teachers. As our nation grows and our technology and teaching techniques change, we find ourselves in need of modern day educators. Those who have the talent, knowledge, and skills instilled in them by a degree in education can bring to the table a host of abilities that are needed to teach our latest generations the necessary skills to grow and develop into our nation’s future.

The Ability to Make a Difference

Being a teacher can mean making a difference in a multitude of lives. While your degree and work in education may not have you making life altering impressions on every student you meet, your teaching skills may allow you to plant the seeds for future growth and learning in students who don’t even realize you are doing it. Knowing that one day they might look back and be thankful for what you did, even though it might not be to your face, can be a nice thing and make for fulfilling work.


Getting a degree in education and gaining an understanding of how others learn, can lead to self-growth in your own life. Being able to understand how you learn best and the techniques with which to teach new ideas and theories can make it easier for you to improve upon your own educational background. Continuing education, both in your professional and personal life, could be an upside to your education degree.

The Pay May Be Better Than You Think

When taking into consideration holidays, summer vacation and other various breaks, the per hour rate for a teaching salary may be much higher than you realize. While not everyone who majors in education will necessarily become a teacher, many of them do.

The average salary of “Education, Training, and Library Occupations” as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2009 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, was $49,530, but in certain school districts, grade levels or job categories, the pay may be much higher. Often this pay may be supplemented by picking up extra work as a school coach, being a crossing guard, or by tutoring. And if you move into an administrative role, you could see a salary in the six figures.

The Enjoyment of Teaching

One of the best reasons to get a degree in education may be that you simply like teaching others. With a degree in the field, a number of work and career doors can be opened to you. These options may enable you on a regular basis to enhance the lives, skills and abilities of others, a role that can offer plenty of fulfillment as well as a variety of challenges and opportunities.

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