Reasons to get a degree in homeland securityThere may never have been more opportunities in the post-World War II era to work in roles that are geared toward the protection of our nation. With the advent of the Department of Homeland Security, a whole new sector of jobs and careers became available to those interested in serving their country while not necessarily having to leave it or fight in an overseas conflict to do so.

If you are looking for a degree that could lead to a fascinating career and one that offers a variety of job options, here are a few reasons why majoring in homeland security could be the right choice for you.

Make a Difference

With a degree in homeland security, you might find yourself in a job or career role in which you could truly make a difference. Whether you are making a flight safer for passengers, seeking out possible terror threats or keeping smugglers from penetrating our nation’s borders, with a degree in homeland security, you could find yourself making a significant impact upon the protection of our nation and its citizens.


Patriotism is not just something reserved for those in the armed forces. There is plenty of room for patriotic personnel in the FBI, CIA, TSA, Border Patrol, and numerous other organizations with whom you might seek employment with your homeland security degree.

Job Security

You might be hard pressed to find work with better job security than with the federal government. While you may decide to put your degree in homeland security to use in another sector, a large portion of available work is centered around government positions.

Whether it’s in small business, corporate finance, non-profit, it could be hard to find a job or career that offers the job security that comes along with work within a government role. Not only this, but it’s hard to deny the quality of benefits that accompany such a position.

Fascinating Work

Being in the line of fire when it comes to the protection of your country can be exciting; however, there is plenty of fascinating work to be had with a homeland security degree without necessarily putting yourself directly into harm’s way.

Whether you are conducting body scans, searching luggage, investigating computer system security breaches, collecting national security data or working in an office in an administration or managerial role, there is a variety of jobs and positions that can place you in a role or with knowledge that is not typically encountered by the average worker.

Stay Sharp and Utilize Your Skills

While not every role you might find yourself in with a homeland security degree may have you out in the trenches or utilizing all of what you learned in school, you may have the opportunity to keep your mind sharp and continue furthering your education.

In a field that is still evolving and changing with the shifting threats to our nation, the education you received during your homeland security degree work may allow you to better adapt to new training and policy adjustments. With many jobs, you can quickly find yourself falling into a rut and becoming bored with your work. However, due to the high degree of attention to detail that comes with the work in many homeland security roles, you may find that your ever-changing work environment or job duties are a great way to apply your education and stay on your toes.

A Forward Progression

You might find that a degree in homeland security can be used as a platform for other roles in security or criminal justice. Whether you decide to work solely at the governmental level or decide to branch out to private or corporate work, there may be a variety of career paths and advancement opportunities for which a degree and work in homeland security may prepare you.