Homeland security degree overviewA degree in homeland security could provide a variety of job and career opportunities nationwide, but you might be able to find everything you need career wise in the bigger metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami. Your sticking point might be just what type of homeland security program is right for you and your particular needs, as well as whether to pursue a program online or at a campus.

Here are a few considerations for either style of education you decide to pursue, as well as some jobs that might be available to you once you have obtained your homeland security degree.

Online Degree Options

With their many advantages and their availability to a large portion of the population, online degrees are becoming a popular option for many people looking to advance their education. For those who have work or family obligations and might not have the time for a full blown college course load, online degrees can be an attractive option. Such an option means you may not have to leave the security of your current situation to explore a new job or career advancing educational opportunity.

You may also better fit your online degree work into the times and places you work best. Whether working on your laptop at the local coffee shop first thing in the morning or hiding in the comfort of your own home office late at night, the flexibility online coursework provides appeals to many. In the bigger cities, it might be especially beneficial to consider an online homeland security program in order to avoid lengthy commutes or costly travel arrangements to a brick-and-mortar institution.

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Campus-based Degree Programs

As a fairly recent addition to the list of educational fields as compared to many other degree and certification options, homeland security coursework in some educational programs is still in the process of being refined and honed. While most coursework is always being updated or modified as times change or new concepts are introduced, the curriculum in many degree fields has already largely been set and tested. With the types of technology, threats and security issues almost constantly changing in the realm of homeland security however, course subject matter and relevancy may be updated and adjusted more than say that of the field of accounting or philosophy.

With coursework revolving around subject matter such as risk management, disaster preparedness, counter-terrorism, infrastructure protection, border and port protection, and intelligence collection, you can see where getting the most current and up-to-date instruction for your degree work could be beneficial. Being able to study such information in a classroom environment, within a structured setting, and led by a qualified instructor to whom you may ask questions and get immediate feedback, could be better fit for certain learning styles.

Job Opportunities and Possibilities

As a fast growing field with plenty of job and advancement opportunities, the homeland security field presents itself as an attractive career option for prospective candidates. While not every role within the field may need an extensive educational background, having a degree or certain certification could lend itself to increasing your potential to find the type of homeland security role that best fits you, and help you better pursue and direct your particular career path.

From counterterrorism and cybersecurity, to immigration and border security there are literally hundreds of jobs, career paths, and organizations with which to apply your homeland security degree in the New York Metropolitan area and nationwide. Whether it is in the FBI, TSA, US Customs and Border Protection, FEMA, the Secret Service or any number of other governmental institutions or even private companies, you may find an application for your homeland security education. And whether you want to be down in the trenches in the front line fight against terrorism or training or supervising others in the performance of such duties, your homeland security degree can play a vital role in your work.

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