Five Reasons to Enroll in a Criminal Justice Degree Program1. Criminal justice degree program graduates make a difference.

Criminal justice majors typically end up in positions in which they work closely with the people in their communities. Police officers, private detectives, probation officers, corrections personnel, and Homeland Security all work to protect the general public from criminal activity. Criminal justice degree programs train students to help keep the world safe place by entering a number of invaluable service positions.

2. Criminal justice majors go on to have exciting careers.

Working in the field of criminal justice means never having a dull day. Whether students go on to work in the field as DEA agents, probation officers, or insurance claims investigators, they encounter unique situations with every new case. While the work may sometimes be dangerous, criminal justice degree programs put graduates right in the middle of the action.

3. Criminal justice degrees are versatile in the workforce.

Students who graduate with degrees in criminal justice have a ton of different career options in their chosen field. While many go into police and corrections work, others find employment behind the scenes in courts and as forensic scientists. They may also work as fingerprint technicians, criminal profilers, and polygraph specialists. Still others may find prevention of crime more rewarding than investigating it and find work in loss prevention. Find Criminal Justice Colleges near you.

4. Criminal justice majors learn about the darker aspects of human nature.

In order to be successful in criminal justice, students must first learn how the criminal mind works by studying different facets of abnormal psychology. They must also be aware of societal factors that contribute to crime. As they progress through college, criminal justice majors learn things about how the human mind works that might scare the rest of us. If delving deeply into the roots of aberrant behavior appeals to you, criminal justice would be an excellent choice for a major.

5. Criminal justice careers are in demand.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth and opportunities for people interested in criminal justice careers should be very good through 2018. The demand for police officers and detectives is expected to grow 10%, which is about as fast as average. For corrections specialists and probation officers, the BLS predicts a 19% increase and excellent job prospects. Demand for private investigators should increase a whopping 22% over the next several years.

Salaries for these positions are also quite good. Police officers make an average of $51,410, while police supervisors make an average of $75,490. Detectives can expect to earn an average annual salary of S60,910. Probation officers and private investigators both earn an average of almost $46,000 per year.

To find out more about how to achieve a career in criminal justice, check out these colleges that offer criminal justice degrees.