Criminal justice careers can be chocked full of excitement, but maybe you’re looking for a more analytical role, or something with a tinge of that corporate lifestyle. If that is the case, a criminal justice degree with a focus upon organizational security management might be what you’re searching for. This isn’t to say that working within and providing security for an organization might not have its exciting moments, but working in such a role might provide a more stable environment in which to apply your criminal justice degree knowledge.

Emergency and Security Procedures

You might find that a degree in organizational security management can provide you with the life saving skills and techniques needed to oversee the emergency preparedness within an organization. Emergency planning is often a part of daily life within a company or building and you may never know when you or your employees might be called upon to lead people to safety.

Similarly, general security procedures will likely also be a part of your daily life when providing security for a company or organization. Security might seem easy at first, you tell someone to stop doing something or to go away and they listen right? But that’s not always the case. Some people don’t stop and they won’t leave the premises, and it’s your job to know how best to understand and handle such situations. With a degree in organizational security management, you will likely learn tactics and laws to help you handle such problems and people.

Loss Prevention

A large part of your security role within an organization might revolve around loss prevention. Reducing employee or outside theft, analyzing risk, investigating fraud and injury claims, dealing with insurance issues, and related issues that can cost a business time, money, and effort as well as endanger employees and assets can often make up a large portion of your work. Therefore, having background knowledge in loss prevention can play an integral part in allowing you to better serve your organization by way of measures such as installing security camera systems, improving lock systems, utilizing manual security details, and doing security audits on existing procedures.

Administrative Duties

A degree in organizational security management might also help prepare you for various administrative duties. These duties may include managing and training your security staff and other members of the organization, as well as meeting staffing needs and performing hiring, termination, and disciplinary actions. You might also be involved or in charge of developing security systems and procedures, conducting audits and analyzing areas for updates or improvements. It may also fall under your list of administrative responsibilities to stay current on the latest security technology, tactics, and emergency procedures to keep your organization safe and up to date.

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