The criminal justice field reaches into almost every sector of business and society and touches nearly everyone on a daily basis. The prevalence of criminal justice in our everyday lives makes it the perfect field in which to consider getting a degree. If job security, a wide selection of exciting and interesting jobs, and a variety of career paths are criteria you are look for in a degree field, then criminal justice could be the perfect choice for you. To enter the criminal justice field, a degree is not necessary, but if you have career goals and aspirations above and beyond working as a corrections officer or security guard and don’t have an extensive work background related to the field, a criminal justice degree will play a prominent role in furthering your career advancement.

One of the most beneficial aspects of criminal justice to those who hold a degree in the field is its prominence among industries. From fraud investigators in the healthcare and insurance industries to security personnel at hotels and sporting events, roles in the criminal justice field are visible in almost every aspect of our lives. With such a wide variety of options when you have a degree and in the criminal justice field, the most difficult thing might be deciding what area to focus upon as a career. From the FBI and CIA to private investigation or personal security the options are almost limitless. Have you ever dreamed of being a bodyguard to the stars, investigate the country’s most powerful criminals, delve into the dirty secrets of individual’s personal lives, or throw yourself into the world of forensic science and investigation? These are just a few of the options available to a graduate with a degree in criminal justice.

Maybe you aren’t looking for the action packed life of a police officer or security guard though. Maybe a quiet office and steady work is more your pace. In criminal justice that is fine too. There are plenty of administrative, managerial, and quiet desk jobs to be found in criminal justice. Not everything revolves around chasing criminals down on the street or seeking out terrorist organizations out in the field. Consider a topographical analysis role within the CIA, in which you will be reviewing satellite imagery and maps, searching for security threats, all from the safety of an office environment. Similarly, you might consider a job in forensics where you could be analyzing chemical or biological compounds or compiling and reviewing data. With a degree in criminal justice the choice of what type of role you accept is largely up to you, it just depends on where you feel you’ll fit best and what type of work you are the most interested in performing.

With the constant threat to national security both at home and abroad, the everyday threat of the common criminal, and the increase in such personal security issues such as internet fraud and identity theft continuing to climb, it appears that the job outlook for those with criminal justice degrees will continue to remain positive. Other than the healthcare and information technology industries there are few sectors that appear able to offer the growth and advancement potential as that of the criminal justice field. As a final note, it is important to remember that with a criminal justice degree, it is far more likely that you’ll find success moving into criminal justice related roles within the healthcare, information technology or other industry than attempting to move from one of those fields into a criminal justice role.

There are many career colleges that offer Criminal Justice courses. If you’re working full-time and are would like to enroll in an Criminal Justice program there are many colleges that offer the degree online. Visit the Criminal Justice Degree Online directory to get more information from these schools. To see a complete list of campus based colleges, visit the Criminal Justice Schools directory today.