Going after your bachelor’s degree in homeland security can prepare you for a life in law enforcement and protecting our nation. Not only can such a degree set you on a career adventure, but it can prepare you for intensely interesting work that can be highly rewarding.

While a bachelor’s degree in homeland security might not be necessary for all work within the homeland security field, such a degree can pay off in a number of ways. From allowing you a broader choice of positions within the field to gaining you a higher starting salary or position in your area of expertise, you may find the educational background that comes with a bachelor’s degree in homeland security extremely beneficial.


The coursework covered in homeland security degree work can cover various aspects in domestic security and the apprehension of those looking to do harm to our nation. Topics such as terrorism and disaster planning, to risk assessment and emergency preparedness might all be subjects covered in homeland security coursework. A broad spectrum of security procedures and risks, as well as the study of criminal psychology, behavioral analysis, and cultural diversity could also come into play as subjects that might be encountered in a homeland security bachelor’s degree program.

Personal Qualities

The types of positions available within the field of homeland security cover a broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities. From administration and investigation, to analysis, law enforcement, administration, and management, just about any personality type would likely find a role available somewhere within the homeland security field.

There may however, be certain aspects of homeland security that might appeal to those with particular personal qualities or work preferences. Those who are adventurous, virtuous, dedicated, patriotic, analytical, and confident might find themselves drawn more to a career in homeland security. This isn’t to say that if you aren’t exactly Captain America, you won’t find a degree or job within the field an exceptional fit for you. It might just be more likely that such work could appeal more to those with a broader sense of adventure or patriotism.

Educational Applications in the Workforce

You might be surprised to find that whether or not you actually end up in a criminal justice or homeland security related role, a degree in the field could still end up paying off in a number of other fields. From management to the military and hospitality to consulting, there are numerous other industries and fields that could find the educational background you receive from a homeland security bachelor’s degree an attractive attribute in a potential candidate. The leadership, planning, preparedness, and analysis capabilities that might come with such a degree could be put to use in numerous positions, not to mention the psychology and risk analysis coursework could be valuable in a variety of tasks and positions within the workforce.