Cosmetology is a booming business but sometimes it can be a fickle business. The following are tips to keep your cosmetology business booming through the ups and downs of customer life as well as the economy.

  1. Keep an index card with information about all your clients. Ask your clients to fill it out on their first visit. Be sure to get their name (first and last), phone number, email address and mailing address (if they are willing to release it). Having this information will help you in slow times. You can send a letter, an email or call clients and ask if they need a hair cut or offer a special deal to try and drum up some business.
  2. Make a style card for each client. Document their natural hair color and any color treatments you have given, texture of hair, any perms given including size of rollers used and any haircuts you have given. This will refresh your memory when the client comes in; especially if they say “Give me what you did last time.”
  3. Make referral coupons. Give them to your customers on their first visit and have them available all the time. The coupon should say “I was referred by __________________.” Then both the individual referred and the individual that passed on the coupon will receive a specific % off their next service. This is a great way to gather new business and get people talking about your services.
  4. Offer a new customer coupon. This will keep a new customer coming back. At the end of the service before the client leaves give the client a coupon for % off their next service. This will make it hard for a client to go to another salon knowing that they will have to pay full price.
  5. Create a punch card. After every 10 services the client gets one service free. Be sure to set a dollar limit on the free service or determine a specific service that will be free. Make sure limit is clearly printed on the card or else the client may want to have a cut, style, perm, and coloring on the same day and this will wipe out the financial benefit of the punch card.

After completing your education at a career college it’s important to put this knowledge to work and build a business for yourself. Try these five tips and see if they help your new business blossom.

If you want to get started in the Cosmetology field there are many schools that offer cosmetology courses. To see these and others, visit the Cosmetology Schools directory today.