It may be difficult to consider the possible dangers of a college campus when you arrive to school. Often the environment seems so fun and carefree, that danger in such a place may seem such a distant possibility that you never really take much time to consider ways to prepare or react when faced with situations that could endanger your personal safety. As they say though, it’s often good to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

While you hopefully will never encounter a situation in which you are in peril on campus or off, there are some simple steps and preparations you can take that can help prevent you winding up in a tough spot and better secure your personal safety while away at school.

Take a Friend

Protecting yourself while on campus could be as simple as taking a trustworthy friend, classmate or roommate along when going somewhere. Not traveling alone might not only make your trips to various locations safer, but more enjoyable as well. Protecting yourself in this way can be even more important when out and about at night or when traveling lesser used areas of campus or campus buildings.

Tell a Friend

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to take someone along with you everywhere you go though throughout your entire college career. However, in situations where you can’t find a travel buddy, you might at least be able to inform people of where you’re going, whom you’re planning to meet, when you plan to be back, and how to get a hold of you. This way they at least have an idea of how or where to find you should you not arrive when expected.

Know Emergency Stations

Most college campuses nowadays have emergency stations located around campus. Such stations may have a call box to communicate with security, alert light, video camera, and other security features built in, and may help thwart an attack on your personal safety or help notify someone should you have a medical emergency.

Knowing where such emergency stations are located as well as how to use them can be critical to your safety should you ever find yourself in the position to have to use one.

Carry a Cell Phone

While a cell phone might not be enough to ward off a potential attack, it can still be a good item to have on hand in an emergency situation. Such an item could prove of crucial significance in contacting help in an emergency situation and to assist authorities track your location should the worst occur.