College dorm security tips

Your dorm room can seem like a safe haven, immune to the dangers of the outside world. And while this space may be made safer by things like security cameras mounted around the building, campus security guards, and locked entry doors, it doesn’t necessarily allow you to disregard general safety measures that can help increase the security of your dorm, your dorm mates and yourself.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to making your dorm as security as you may feel inside it.

Lock Your Door (But Take Your Key)

Whether you’re heading out to class, grabbing a bite to eat or hitting the hay at night, it can be important to keep your dorm room secure. While you might feel comfortable with those living around you, a lot of people can come and go through the halls of a dormitory, and not all of them might have the best of intentions. Whether they have sticky finger or something not altogether innocent on their mind, keeping your door locked when not around or when you’re sleeping can be a good idea. Just remember to take your key when you leave, as your particular dorm might charge for multiple incidents of residents locking themselves out.


Sure, you’ll likely want some sun and scenery out your dorm room window occasionally, but it’s important to consider that on a college campus environment, you don’t always know who is passing by or possibly taking a peek into your room. Whether they’re just curious or whether they’re taking a look to see if you’re inside, if you’re alone, noting the layout, looking for security features of your dorm room, or determining what valuables lie within your room or where you stash them, your personal privacy and protection can be heightened with just a quick pull of the curtains or shades.

Talk to Your Roommate

If you’re sharing a room with someone else, it might be pertinent to speak with them about safety and security issues. Rules regarding who comes and goes into your room and when, locking doors, closing blinds, leaving lights on, and similar issues might be good to raise so that you’re both on the same security page before it’s too late.

Keep an Eye Open

Even in a place with a lot of people around like a dormitory, it can be a good idea to keep an eye open for suspicious people or things. Reporting things that don’t seem quite right or appear out of place to a resident assistant or member of campus security might not only help to ensure your safety, but the safety of those around you as well.

Dorm Security

Most dorms have security features in place. Locked doors that are opened with keys or security codes, strategically placed security cameras, and emergency phones, are just a few of the things that might be in place to help protect you while living in a dorm.

The effectiveness of such amenities may be negated though by things like propped open doors, residents allowing people they don’t know access to the dorm and similar activities. Therefore, not only reporting suspicious persons, but reporting things like broken doors or windows and other security issues or malfunctions to the proper personnel can help keep the security of your dorm in tact and functioning as it should.