Five tips to stay focused in class

Staying focused in class can be difficult. That pretty girl or hot guy sitting beside you. The wild party the night before. That late night study session that kept you up until three in the morning. A general disinterest in the subject matter at hand. Whatever it might be, there could be a variety of factors pulling your attention from what’s being discussed, and this can be a bad thing for your chances of pulling a good grade out from your efforts in class.

Therefore, consider these five tips that can help you stay focused and on top of things when you feel your attention start to wander during class.


This bit of advice might sound like it’s coming from your mother, but sitting up can do a lot toward refocusing your attention on the job at hand or the information being presented. Sitting up, moving around a little, taking a few deep breathes, and generally keeping yourself from slouching into that drowsy, slumped position, may not only make you appear more attentive to your professor, but might also help you wake yourself up a bit and stay more focused.

Think of the Alternative

Sitting for an hour or two in a dull classroom might at first though seem a somewhat torturous, but consider the alternative. While you sit there absorbing the teachings of qualified professionals with the possible opportunity to head back to your dorm room for a nap or hit the weekend party or bar scene after you get done, other people are stuck at dead end jobs, with little or no chance of advancement because of a lack of education or previous degree work. Considering where you might be without your education could act as motivation to stay a little more attentive during class.

Take Notes

Taking notes may help to keep your mind active and your attention more focused during class. It could keep your mind from wandering and help you learn by not only hearing the information you’re being presented with, but writing it as well. It might not seem like this would make much of a difference, but subconsciously, your mind could be retaining more of what you hear and see by taking notes along the way, helping you to stay focused as well as creating a written record to review later in the semester or before tests.

Stay in the Front

Scared of the professor calling on you? Good. Don’t want him to see you dozing off? Even better. If you find that when you sit in the back of the class or that darkened corner of the lecture hall that you tend to nod off or loose focus, then you might consider sitting in the front of the class. It might not be the most fun or easy option available, but it could pay off by keeping your attention better trained on the subject matter being presented.

Stay Occupied

Maybe all it takes to keep your focus pinned upon your coursework is a little treat to keep you occupied. A tasty beverage, a warm cup of coffee or a nice piece of chewing gum – – as long as such items are allowed or not frowned upon by your instructors — could help keep you awake, alert and attentive while in class.