Online College Degree

With the price of a college education seemingly always on the rise, student debt becoming an increasingly big problem, and the job creation in many industries stagnant, many people may be asking themselves, “Is a college degree really necessary?  And if it is, is the cost of such an education worthwhile?”

While in some instances, online education options are making it easier to get a degree, and at times cheaper as well, a full-blown degree might not be the necessary path for everyone.  Depending upon your situation, there may be alternative options to consider that can still provide the educational background you need, but not necessarily with a typical four-year or even two-year degree program.

Pick and Choose

Let’s face it, these days there are a variety of job and career options that just may not require a college degree.  While having such an educational title in your back pocket might be nice for peace of mind, it may not be a necessity.

However, this doesn’t mean you might not be benefited by the information contained within certain college coursework.  A computer class or two, maybe a personal finance class, a marketing class, a course in entrepreneurship or similar subject matter could help you make your way in the working world and keep up with current trends and technology.  Picking and choosing a few such classes could end up saving you time and money but still provide a solid educational background for your particular needs.  And who knows, it might lead to a degree or certification down the road if now isn’t the right time.

A Working Option

If you’re already working, going back to school for a full on degree might not be an option.  However, depending upon your type of work, a refresher course or two every now and again in subject matter related to your role could the perfect way to boost your advancement potential or just increase your productivity on the job.  You may even find that your employer is willing to invest in you by helping with the cost of such classes in an effort to make you more effective at your work.


The job market, paired with the availability of income earning opportunities through the Internet, is making self-employment options increasingly attractive to many.  Working for yourself can be a wonderfully freeing work option, and can make for an intensely rewarding career path, but at the same time it can leave little time for degree work.

This might be another situation in which you find yourself picking and choosing what types of classes or coursework might be most beneficial to you due to schedule or financial constraints.  As a self-employed person, time and money are often at a premium, but squeezing in a class here and a class there could help you stay current upon certain industry related information, online marketing techniques, financial tools and techniques, and similar subject matter that could be beneficial to your work.