Technical Education offers many benefits compared to traditional four year colleges. Technical Education, sometimes called career education, or vocational training, focuses primarily on workforce development rather than academic development. If you are a high school graduate, or someone who is returning to school later in life, there are several reasons why you should consider a technical approach to your education.

The greatest advantage in choosing technical education is that technical education is far more cost effective than education at a four year college or university. One year of training in technical education can cost several thousands of dollars less than one year of training at a four year college or university. In many cases, students pursuing technical education can earn a diploma or degree and pay very little, if any out of pocket expenses. Qualified students in technical education may have their educational expenses covered partially, if not entirely, through federal grant programs such as the Pell Grant, and through state-funded financial assistance programs, students in technical education may actually earn a little pocket change at the beginning or end of each term.

Location is also a great advantage of technical education. Many high school graduates are ready to get a good education and find a good job. The typical high school graduate may or may not be ready to leave his or her hometown. Many communities offer a plethora of opportunities for technical education so that students do not need to leave the hometown in order to find it.

Many technical training institutions allow students to attain their educational goals in steps. Many technical degree and diploma programs are structured in such a way that portions of the coursework will enable students to earn smaller certificates while working towards a diploma or degree. This is good because it gives the student the credentials to qualify for entry level positions while they complete the remaining coursework for the technical program of study.

Technical education nourishes professional development. Through Post-secondary organizations such as Phi Beta Lambda and Skills USA, students in technical education have the opportunity to meet with similar students across the city, state, and even the country. Through participation in workshops, seminars, and conventions, students learn leadership skills which will complement the technical knowledge, and give them a better advantage as they begin searching for jobs after graduation.

After you complete your technical training, you might want to advance to a four year school for related training. Degrees, Diplomas, and certificates awarded at many technical training institutions are now transferable to many four year colleges and universities.

If you want to get the most from returning to school, technical education is a highly valuable alternative to four year colleges and universities.


  • Technical training is far less expensive than four year university training.
  • Technical training is widely available in many cities
  • Technical training offers many opportunities for both technical and professional development.