Embrace the next generation of game technology with Video Game Art & Design studies. Push your skills to the limit using the latest software, hardware, and 3D tools. Learn the craft from masters that have defined the industry, and join the interactive revolution. Most programs include highly-analytical coursework that covers everything from back-end programming to front-end (visual) production and gives you the confidence you need to enter or advance your career. Project management, creative design, teamwork and communication skills are integrated throughout the curriculum to prepare students to work in a creative team in the video game industry.

Game Design SchoolsIn courses such as Gaming Theory, students learn the history, design, technology, production, programming, and psychological aspects of digital gaming. Emphasis is placed on game production, including pre-planning, software/hardware tools, aesthetics, psychological motivators, gameplay strategies, management, and testing. Other topics include artificial intelligence in games, social implications, and use of gaming technologies for information design.

A Game and Simulation Programming degree will prepare you to succeed in a fast-paced and exciting career in industries utilizing game and simulation programming techniques. From video game to flight simulation and website development, the industries in need of game and simulation programming graduates continue to expand as technology continues to advance. Career opportunities in the game and simulation programming fields range from engine, game, and artificial intelligence programmers to interface, lead, and quality assurance applications programmers and many more.