Want a beautiful new direction? Now you can prepare for great opportunities in the dynamic field of cosmetology. If you are creative, enjoy working with people, and like working with hair, nails and skincare, you can turn your interests into a rewarding career. Top artists can earn good incomes in beauty-industry careers. You’ll learn about:Haircutting and styling, Artificial hair additions and hair enhancements, Hair coloring and effects on the hair, Skin disorders and skin care services within cosmetology limits, Facials and makeup, Manicure and pedicure, along with nail disorders and nail care services within cosmetology limits, Basic massage techniques, Salon management. Listed below are Cosmetology Schools to get you started in the right direction.

Cosmetology SchoolsHow Cosmetologists Help Their Clients

Cosmetologists are more familiarly known as hairdressers or beauticians. They help their clients to chose the right cut and color for their hair. They advise on what is the best way to treat the hair for its texture and type, and to cut for face shape, body build and the age of the client. These are all aspects of the client which can change over time. For these reasons being up to date with fashion and trends and to some extent, art and technical design, are important. It’s having the feel for what current trends are and applying them in a flattering way to the client.

This is why really good craftsmen and women can command such high prices for their work. Over time the client and cosmetologist can build up a relationship as they work together to enhance the appearance of the client.

They perform this task by shampooing, conditioning, cutting and shaping hair and by the final dressing. Helping someone else to look their best for everyday and to prepare for special occasions is a satisfying occupation. Having an unkempt client arrive but leave well turned out, and satisfied, shows the skills involved.

Associated with cosmetologists are manicurists, pedicurists and skin care specialists. These are skills which a cosmetologist also has which make the services they offer more complete. Really competent ones keep records of products they have used and recommended and the treatments they have given.

Working Environment for Cosmetologists

Because of the nature of the work, the conditions for cosmetologists have to be clean and pleasant. Part of what is offered by the cosmetologist is the atmosphere in the salon and the room has to be well designed and pleasing to a number of people with different tastes.

For the safety of the cosmetologist some treatments demand that they wear gloves and overalls to protect their skin from dyes and other chemicals. Smart overalls, or neat personal clothes, are part of the presentation. As this work requires hairdressers to spend a lot of time on their feet it is worth considering comfortable shoes.

Most work a forty hour week but at busy times the hours can be longer. This is a useful qualification and skill because it is possible to work part time, for instance when a woman has children she can fit their hours and the needs of a salon together. Many can be self employed either with their own salon or visiting clients in their own homes. Some work in the film industry so it is possible to think beyond the ideas of beautician’s normal environment.

There is considerable room for flexibility once someone has the training and experience. This is a training and skill which can be used for years and allows the practitioner to travel abroad and earn a living if they wish.

Cosmetology and Beauty Training

A basis is a high school diploma and in some States a GED. The training is usually a minimum of nine months. Training can be in a State licensed school where the trainee can obtain their license. This is a written test, sometimes with an oral test or a practical exam.

It is an old adage that many clients tell their hairdresser personal issues which they wouldn’t dream of discussing with anyone else. This is because this work is on a very personal level and the client has to feel a considerable level of trust in the other person to permit them to do this personal work. As a result interpersonal skills are a vital part of the training and development of the student.

This is a job which offers satisfaction and with skill has extremely good earning potential.