Today’s business runs on computer networking technology. From hardware basics to complex networking, gain the skills you’ll need to join the exploding e-commerce revolution! Take the first step toward becoming a certified network engineer. Prepare for professional network and computer certifications like: A+, Network+, CNA, CNE, MCP, MCSE and CCNA.

A lot of different occupations fall under Computer Networking & Security, but above all, people who work in this field are specialists who provide the day-to-day administration, maintenance, support and protection of computer systems and networks. These occupations include Network Security Specialists, Technical Support Specialists, Help-Desk Technicians, and Network or Computer Systems Administrators. What does our Computer Networking and Security program offer you?- Network security training, including computer forensic techniques – Preparation for A+ certification (The skills required to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair computers) – An understanding of the Windows and Linux operating systems – A working knowledge of hardware that drives the Internet – Technical training in routers and switches – Familiarity with Novell, Microsoft and Cisco network software – Experience with the most widely used application servers

Upon successful completion of the program, students are able to: Provide day-to-day on-site support in a work environment, Design and implement networks, Maintain hardware and software, Monitor and analyze networks, Identify, interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements. Employment opportunities include: Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk Technician, Computer Operator, Computer Networking Technician, Intranet Networking Technician, Systems Analyst Technician.