What can you do with a Project Management DegreeWhen people hear “project management,” the first thing that often comes to mind is work in the construction industry. Someone planning highways or creating building construction schedules, doing time/cost analysis, and timeline forecasting are typically the duties associated with such a role. While these are certainly valid parts of a project management position, there are a multitude of other aspects involved in this type of work. With a project management degree you can work in technology related fields, healthcare, engineering, aerospace, and many other industries — and of course, construction.

About project management
So what exactly does project management entail? Well, succinctly put, you are managing all aspects of a particular project or projects, including, but not limited too, the employees involved, cost supervision, products and supplies needed to complete the project, as well as the timelines and risk factors stemming from the project’s completion. While certain projects may or may not involve all or some of these various responsibilities, having a degree in project management can prepare you to handle these duties. Not only will you be trained in leading teams and groups, but you will be guided through project specific formulas and principles that can allow you to determine the most effective and efficient ways of completing projects.

Job duties and responsibilities
As a project manager, it can be up to you to start, supervise, and bring a project to completion. It is therefore necessary that you be proficient in many areas, both on the human and administration sides of management. With a project management degree, you’ll gain a background in accounting, human resources, operations, organizational structure, and certain other aspects of management such as forecasting, planning, and analysis of timelines, budgets, and project costs.

Expect that as a project manager you will be the “go to” person for problems, issues, and oversights. It will be up to you to think outside the box and come up with innovative and successful solutions to the problems. You will often find yourself making these decisions in an atmosphere that allows little room for error and will require snap decisions without the time for second-guessing yourself.

While the characteristics of the position might seem overwhelming at first, a degree in project management is what prepares you for this type of responsibility. Of course you won’t know everything going into a project just from your educational background. As with almost any position, there will be certain knowledge you acquire on the job. Most companies will have industry specific guidelines and requirements for you to follow in the completion of your work. And although when things go wrong, you bear the responsibility, when things go right, you receive the accolades and pats on the back.

Career options
Just because you get a degree in project management, it doesn’t mean that it is the career you have to stick with. Since the educational background you receive with a project management degree is so diverse, there are many career paths and industries in which you might end up. Some of the more common careers for project managers tend to be in the technology sector, financial industry, construction, engineering, healthcare and the automotive industries. The leadership, motivational, and managerial techniques of a qualified project manager will open many doors other than these though.

As a self-motivated project manager, you might find you would prefer to go into business for yourself, maybe choosing to be a consultant working within multiple industries to help and advise them with certain projects. You might decide to start your own company in which you manage a team of employees that work only for you, and the success of the business is based upon your daily project management skills. With a project management degree you’ll find that many organizations, including, the military, many governmental agencies, and large corporations, will reward your experience and expertise with the respect and pay it deserves.

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