Coursework in a Bachelor's Degree in Management

The business of management can encompass numerous topics and subject matter. Because many managers are expected to be able to handle a variety of tasks and duties on a regular basis in their work environment, an education in management often provides a student with a general background on numerous topics rather than drilling down into one topic or management area in depth. This means that a student getting a bachelors degree in management might encounter coursework ranging from human resources and team building to accounting and finance.

Here are a few of the classes you might commonly expect to encounter during bachelor’s degree work in management.

Leadership/Team Building
Having a proper handling on leadership and team building skills and techniques can be essential to a successful management career. The ability to be able not only to effectively lead individuals but to build teams from those individuals that can work efficiently and productively together can be a significant asset to any management degree holder.

Human Resources
Having a grasp of current human resources laws and regulations is important to managers in almost every industry. Understanding employment trends, recruiting methods, benefits and labor laws, and similar topics can be pertinent for those with management degrees, possibly enabling them to step into almost any management role with a general background in human resources subject matter.

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Business Law/Ethics
As a management degree holder, understanding the laws that govern businesses and the ethics to be maintained in business is often quite critical. While human resources coursework might provide a student with the background governing the law of labor, there are numerous other aspects of business law and ethics that may be explored in the course of management degree work. From the laws governing the operation of businesses to liability, tax laws, and financial governance, regulation, and ethics, there are a variety of aspects to cover in most business law and ethics coursework.

Operations Management
Operations management can be another critical course to a student’s success in the management field. Expect to find at least one of your degree classes geared toward operations management in which you may get a feel for aspects of a business such as cost analysis, production control, logistics, plant management, and often other manufacturing related subject matter.

In your management degree coursework, it would not be unlikely to find that you have at least one course, possibly more, dedicated to finance, accounting and statistics. Such coursework can be applied out in the management field in a variety of ways. From budgeting to analyzing financial documents and extracting pertinent labor cost numbers, you can find numerous ways in which you may be called upon to utilize such financial and statistical education in a management role.

Organizational Behavior/Change
While a course in organizational behavior or change might at first glance appear better suited to someone majoring in human resources, such a class can also be valuable to a management major. Knowing how organizations behave, what to look for, and how to be prepared for change can be a critical aspect in keeping an organization up to date and advancing it with current industry trends.