I recently moved to a new state, and with that move came the opportunity to life close to a college campus.

Even though I have long since graduated college and am now self-employed, my current proximity to a university has rekindled memories of all the advantages such a setting has to offer.

Since we now live only blocks from a college campus, I have again begun utilizing this educational environment to my advantage.  This new location has helped me focus upon my work and increase my productivity in a number of ways, and it shows how exploring various college campus locations can help sustain and even increase one’s productivity.

A Quiet Work Environment

Finding a quiet work environment can play a huge role in staying focused and increasing productivity.  While the at-home work environment is satisfactory to a point, even with family members just mulling around or me catching glimpses of chores and non-work activities that need to be handled, I find it is often distracting enough to cut into my work day.

I have recently shifted a portion of my day (sometimes just a couple of hours) to working in the student union building on our nearby college campus.  It is an active, yet quiet work environment that helps keep distractions to a minimum and takes me away from any temptation to get outside and work on projects or do other activities that are less than conducive to my income earning work.

Motivation all Around

It can really get you in the productivity groove when you’ve got others working all around you.  Some people choose a coffee house, café, hotel lobby, or similar spot. Personally, the college campus atmosphere in which students are studying, reading, and preparing for class, is great for motivating me to buckle down and get some work of my own completed.

The Human Element

Sometimes it’s just nice to be around people.  This is often an especially pleasant addition to my day, seeing as how a large portion of my work day over the last four years has been spent raising a child in the home and with little adult human interaction.  Now however, even if I’m not interacting on a personal basis with those around me, it’s just nice to have the opportunity to be around adults (be they young adults) again.  It’s kind of the “best of both worlds” type situation.  I get the companionship of other people without having to actually spend the time to break away from work to interact with them.

Nice Breaks

Breaks from work at home are typically spent involving myself in some sort of other work.  From yard work to doing dishes, laundry or providing some sort of service for my son such as making breakfast or lunch, breaks are often not really breaks at all when working at home.  However, when working away from my home environment at the college campus, I can people watch, take walks, and sometimes just sit back and enjoy reliving memories of my own college days and feeling young at heart again as I observe the students around me.

Increased Productivity in Less Time

With fewer distractions and greater motivation, I’m finding that I’m able to accomplish more in less time.  With loving, yet equally distracting family members kept at bay, I’m able to combine my work-at-home environment with a campus location that provides me with the best of both worlds and helps break up my work day.

Disclaimer: The author is not a licensed financial or educational professional.  This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or educational advice.  Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.