Ten Ways Life Will Change When You Head Off To College

It may take some time to sink in, but college life will be a tremendous change from living in the comforts of your parents’ home. Of course you realize things will be different. You will be away from the house that you grew up in, around new people, and the environment will be entirely new to you. But the level of change going from such a familiar place as a childhood home can be a big shock to many college bound young people. Change is about as painful for many of us as public speaking. It is something that we try to avoid at all costs. But the good news is that with change comes growth.

If we all stayed the same for our entire lives, the world would be a very boring place. College is a great place to expand your horizons, as they say. New experiences and people will make for some exciting times as you start your new college life. Some of these changes will be huge and some subtle. However, they will all help shape the next chapter of your life. Let’s get to our top ten changes that will occur once you enter college life.

li_number_10Independence is something most young people claim they want. I know my kids want to do their own thing as they get older. It is a great feeling to be on your own and get to make your own decisions. Freedom is awesome, no doubt.

li_number_09Responsibility is the first cousin to #10, independence. With new found independence comes responsibility that rests on your own shoulders. That means providing for yourself, getting up on time to get to class with no wake up shout from mommy, and making a point to keep your grades up without your parents nagging you about it.

li_number_08Setting out on your collegiate journey can be a great source of confidence. Most parents do everything they can for their children as they grow up. But too much help may keep kids from reaching their highest level of confidence. Earning your own spending money while keeping a high grade point average can make your confidence soar.

li_number_07You will find out who you really are. Being entrenched in college studies and being around new people will allow you to keep evolving into your true self. Challenging classes and adjusting to college life will help mold you into the human being you are meant to be.

li_number_06You will have to develop a big time work ethic. Maybe you coasted through high school and that was good enough at the time. But to get the most out of college, you will need to work harder. Eventually you will graduate from college and get a job or run your own business. The simplest way to get ahead of your competitors in any career or business is to simply outwork them.

li_number_05Your world perspective will evolve. Once you have been away at college for just a few days, you will see more diversity in people and ideas than you ever did in your old high school or home town. Things you once believed to be absolute truths will fall away like the code in the epic movie ‘The Matrix’.

li_number_04New friends will replace old ones. Let’s face it, some of your old friends need replacing, like your buddy who is constantly borrowing a $20 bill. It is sort of sad, but friends change and grow apart. College will be the place where life long friends will be made. People are more of who they truly are in college, so these bonds are likely to last decades.

li_number_03New habits will be formed. This can be a good or a bad thing. The great news is that good habits are just as “sticky” as bad ones. Create the right habits and you will make success (whatever success means to you as an individual) in your future much more likely. Whether the habit is rising early to get a jump on the day or drinking yourself to sleep each night, habit creation is going to affect your future.

li_number_02You just might meet your future spouse. College is one of the most likely places to meet your soul mate. This is one of the biggest events of your life, and I cannot stress that enough. And be warned, you do not have to get married just because everyone else around you eventually does it. You will be rolling the dice on a 50/50 shot at a divorce. I hate to bring it up but it is a fact.

li_number_01Getting a chance to outline the rest of your life. You are in school, living on your own, and in charge of your life. You won’t be able to pinpoint every single step until you turn 65 years old. But you will have the time and the space to mull over what the ideal life will be for you. Start with a perfect day….what does that look like? Then a perfect week, a perfect month, and so on and so on. Obviously there will be pivots as you grow older. You won’t be doing the same physical activities in your fifties as you may enjoy at 22. The same goes for your future career, you can just transition as you desire. You are the author of your own story now, so you can just write yourself into the hero that you like to become in your own life.