Steps to Take as Graduation Nears

It can be beneficial not to wait until the last minute to make post-graduation preparations.  Using the months leading up to graduation wisely can keep you from having to scramble for a job at the last minute or accept a situation that is less than satisfactory.

In order to maximize the time before graduation, here are a few tips that could allow you to take advantage of certain services your educational institution might offer and make efficient use of any opportunities the situation might provide.

Make Use of Placement Offices/Services

Making use of a school’s placement offices and services can make finding an employer much easier than trying to tackle the task on your own.  Postings regarding recruiter visits to the school, interview sessions, interview tips, and assistance with forming your resume might all be services offered through a school’s placement office.


Consider a Job/Career Prep Class

Taking a career preparatory class as you near graduation could pay off in a number of ways.  Such a course can help introduce you to a variety of fields, industries, and job categories, it can help you refine your resume, it can teach your interview preparation techniques and skills, and it can just give you an overall better understanding of the types of jobs available to you.  You might even conduct mock interviews as part of your coursework.  This can provide you with more confidence going into job application and interview situations as you’ve been provided with an opportunity to hone and practice these skills before you actually get into the real thing.


Start Your Job Search Early

The more time you give yourself to find a job before graduation, the more you may be able to make use of campus job search services, networking options, classes geared toward job prep, and interview opportunities.  Not having to rush yourself to find work can mean the difference between just taking something to have a job and a steady paycheck and actually having the time to explore roles in the career field or fields of your choice.


Be Open to Job Options

Remember, just because Sherwin Williams comes to recruit at your school, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be mixing paint or painting homes if you accept a job with them.  Or just because you’ve decided to apply with McDonalds, it doesn’t mean you’re destined for a life of flipping burgers.

Even companies that are known mainly for one product or type of product, it doesn’t meant that there aren’t a vast variety of jobs within that company or organization.  From management and accounting, to marketing, advertising, research and development, sales, finance, and more, there could be numerous job and career paths within a single-product company and being open to a variety of companies could have you landing a dream role in an organization you might never have considered otherwise.