Marketing Program OverviewA business can only survive if customers and clients know about it, like it, and spend money on what is offered. It is easy for a new entrepreneur to think the world will love their product as much as they do and come running to snap it up. This rarely happens and a novice might be left wondering what is wrong when the business does not take off as they expect. The costs of marketing are basic to the setting up expenses of any new business, as well as the ongoing costings.

Marketing is a skill like any other but it is important for the success of any enterprise. To be a winning marketing person, some idea of what appeals to people, some idea of what is fashionable and some idea of how to present the goods and services in ways which will draw interest from the fickle public is vital. Think of the advertisements which make you laugh, are intriguing or plain attractive and you have the idea.

Marketing an Idea

When you want the help of a friend, member of the family or acquaintance on a project, the first thing is to consider how best to present the project to that person. You want to persuade them that it is in their interests and they might gain from helping. This is manipulative but true, but this is what marketing is about. Making something attractive and convincing someone else it is in their interests to be involved. Really good marketing makes everyone want something they didn’t even know existed. It’s how the fashionable world operates.

Market Research

The first stage of marketing is to do some research. The researcher wants to know if anyone would be interested in the product, if they have never thought about it before how they might consider it and whether they would use it. These investigations are often handled by large marketing companies who have questionnaires which also includes products from other companies. While specializing in a marketing degree there will be courses that focus on market research where one will learn all about this subject.

There are now two elements to the issue. The product and the potential customers. The researchers then have to work out how to put the questions about the product without leading the people answering. The questions have to be phrased in such a way that they are clear and unambiguous and this is where the skill of designing a questionnaire is shown. It is not always obvious what is the best way to ask. There might have to be some refining of how the questions. How this information is collected is the other important part of the equation. If the questionnaire is well done, non specialists can be used to sample the public. Most people have been stopped in the street or had someone call at the door and been asked to help.

Marketing Analysis

Having collected the results of interviewing the public, they have to be analyzed. This is another skilled technique. Interpreting data is part of the marketing process. From this information the producer can decide whether the product needs a tweak or whether the presentation needs to be a bit different or whether it is fine as it is.

From all this detailed information about the public reaction to the product, the marketing specialist can now design an advertising program and find ways of promoting the product which will make everyone want it. Making something fashionable and ‘must have’ has made a lot of money for many people. When the product is of excellent quality this becomes easier.

Database Marketing

As can be seen from the above example, there is a lot of information that a marketer has to consume. With information comes data and that’s where the field of database marketing emerged.  One has to be able to slice and dice the data in order to make sense of it and apply it to various situations. Knowledge of statistics, math and even psychology come into play and if done correctly this is a very powerful tool that can help businesses succeed. An online business degree with a specialization in marketing will surely cover this topic in much more detail.

Successful marketing specialists have an eye for fashion, the financial markets, what other producers are doing. They need to be able to find a niche which no one else has thought of and then promoting it with panache.

Marketing is an essential part of promoting any business. It is a job for those who enjoy creative thinking and are able to play with ideas for adverts in ways which will appeal to the public. Mathematical skills are useful in understanding the statistics generated and good command of English is important to enable the production of suitable adverts. Perhaps even some design skills are useful to help draw the ideas and develop them.