The recent recession has impacted people in various ways.  From lost jobs and tightening of financial belts at home to waylaid retirements and the fear of an uncertain future at work, the recession’s affects are wide-reaching.  For some, those affects may have brought them to the realization that they may not be as attractive to employers as they once were.

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This realization can at first be frightening, but looked at in a different light, may actually be an opportunity — it may be your chance to redevelop yourself into a more marketable commodity to employers.

Limited Options

Sad as it is to say, the recession has forced some people into a corner where there seems little option but to head back to school.  Employers aren’t hiring, or may not be hiring for the positions that people want or have a background in.  This means it might be time to consider pushing forward with a college education.

Online options have made going back to school an attractive option when jobs are scarce, and educational backgrounds are often needed to even get your foot in the door for certain job interviews.

The Opportunity is There

With the proliferation of online educational institutions, as well as many campus-based programs also branching out to offer online courses, the opportunity is out there for those who may not have previously thought it possible to get a college degree.

Such programs often allow the possibility of maintaining family life, a job, and other obligations while still being able to study and complete class work.  The lower costs of many online programs as well as the availability of student loans means that a much broader demographic is now being offered the means to better educate themselves.

Time to Take a Chance?

Sometimes it’s when we’re at our lowest points that we find clarity and motivation.  We often get so comfortable in our lives that we tend to sink into a rut.  And while it might be a safe rut, it’s a rut nonetheless, and it tends to keep us from stepping foot into the unknown and ever taking a chance.

Sometimes it takes something extreme to jar us from that rut and awaken us to an opportunity that might be staring us in the face.

The recession may be the event that has awakened many to the need to take a chance and explore new educational opportunities.  Before the recession, many people were content to collect steady paychecks from what seemed to be safe jobs.

Now, many of these same people, who were under the illusion of safety, have been rudely awakened.  But this awakening could prove the jumping off point to a new education, a new career, a new life, and new opportunities.

Re-cast Yourself

While our lives may not be nearly as interesting, at times, we might consider treating ourselves somewhat akin to movie actors.  We must re-cast or reinvent our personas in order to make ourselves more marketable.  In an actor’s case, he must mold himself to what an audience, fans, or directors want.

In the real world, we must often adapt to the changing economic and job environment to make ourselves more eligible for various jobs and avoid being pigeon-holed and stagnating in a current position.

An online degree can be the perfect way to re-cast yourself in a new light.  With a new degree fresh on your resume, you may be able to portray yourself and your abilities in a new completely new way, which can heighten your ability to apply for new and different jobs and promote yourself to employers more positively in what might be a quite negative job environment.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only.  The author is not an educational professional or academic advisor.  Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.