Online Degree ProgramsAre you a self-described “people person”?  Do you like human interaction?  Enjoy dealing with and helping people?  If so, there are a variety of degree options and career paths that could be open to you.  From teaching to managing, hosting to healthcare, online degrees that focus upon the interpersonal side of career opportunities abound.

If you think that you would enjoy working in a field in which you have plenty of social interaction and often participate in work that helps others, here are four online degree options that you might want to consider.


Obtaining an online education degree could open the door to a lifetime of fulfillment.  Whether it’s teaching small children or high school students, you could find that a degree in education is just what you’ve been looking for when it comes to working with people.

Maybe it’s not children you’re interested in teaching though.  It could be that working as a principal or administrator might be more your style.  If that’s the case, an education degree could still be instrumental in pursuing such a career.  Or maybe you just don’t want to work full time, preferring to focus on family and enjoying life instead.  If this is the case, you might choose to put your education degree to use as a substitute teacher, tutor, or part-time daycare employee or provider.


Maybe you’re better at problem solving and helping people make decisions than teaching them.  If so, an online management degree might be better fitted to your educational needs.  There is a huge variety of management positions out there, and management roles can be found in just about any field or industry.  From retail to construction, information technology to finance there are plenty of options when looking for careers in management.

Whether at entry level, mid-management or upper level positions, you’ll likely find management roles provide ample opportunity for human interaction.  While not all managers are people persons, the ability to communicate effectively with and lead individuals is often a valuable trait among those in the management field.  An online degree in management can help provide you with the background and education you’ll need to focus your people skills and make yourself a more efficient manager.


There may never have been a better time to enter the healthcare field than now.  Not only might the type of work appeal to those with an interest in working with people, but the job availability and competitive pay may make a career in healthcare one of the most attractive job options out there.  Beyond the compensation aspects of the work however, the jobs available in the healthcare industry can be quite rewarding as you help people in their time of need.  Nursing, occupational, physical or speech therapy, radiology, ultrasound, or x-ray work, and case management roles are just some of the options available to someone interested in the field.

Since there isn’t just one general healthcare degree to fit all roles, and many positions require a secondary degree, you might consider undergraduate online work in biology, psychology, or nursing, or decide upon a career college that could prepare you for work in the realms of massage therapy, x-ray technology, surgical technology, nursing, medical assistance or related areas. View schools that offer healthcare degrees.


There may be few better online degree options for someone who enjoys working with people than hospitality.  You may feel that working in hotels, where you can treat guests to a peaceful nights sleep or entertaining vacation would be right up your alley.  Maybe doing something in the travel industry, in which you could assist people in planning their dream vacations would be more to your liking.  If not, you may end up somewhere in the restaurant business where you can help ensure a pleasant dining experience is had by your guests.  Whatever your choice, a degree in hotel and restaurant or hospitality management could be the educational background that leads to years of enjoyment in helping people get the most from their hotel, dining or travel experience. View a comprehensive listing of schools that offer an online hospitality management degree.