Five ways to reduce test taking stress

When it comes to taking tests, everybody gets stressed. That makes sense, after all – tests are not only tough, but depending on what you are doing and what your goals are regarding your tests, they may be very, very important for your future and your life. But how do you avoid that test-taking stress, anyways? And what can you do to get away from all that stress and get the most out of your tests, and your life?

Here are just a few things to think about when it comes to avoiding stress during testing periods and doing your best in spite of testing uncertainties:

Get A Lot Of Sleep!

It sounds obvious to some, but it’s critical that you get a lot of sleep the night before a big test. All-nighters won’t pack any more information into your brain, and there comes a point where you just can’t get any more in there; you’ll actually end up doing better if you study less and sleep more. Eight to nine hours of sleep the night before a test will clear your mind and leave you in a great place to get the most out of the test and be as relaxed as you possibly can be!


Eat Breakfast!

This one is critical when it comes to preparing the morning of the test, after all. By eating breakfast, you guarantee that you are able to focus well on the material, have enough energy for your brain and body to get the most out of life, and then some!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Sounds simple, right? It’s true, though – the easiest way to avoid concerns when it comes to stressing out about tests is, well, preparing for the tests in a professional way in the first place! That means paying attention in class, listening to your teacher when they provide information for you, and then some! You’d be surprised what you can pick up in this way when you really prepare and study for tests.


Talk To Your Professor

If you are very anxious about anything, talk to your professor. Your professor may want to challenge you and give you a difficult test, sure – but they don’t want to see you fail and they don’t want to see you do your worst. They want the best for you, and they can assuage your fears and provide alternatives for you that may help in time.


Pay Attention in Class!

Finally, make it a point to always pay attention in class! Some of us are more guilty of this than others, of course, but it’s imperative that you pay attention in class and follow up on what you know and are able to study so you can synthesize it on a test or in an exam. Doing so will provide for you a good chance of succeeding at a test or exam, no matter how stressed out you may be or how uncertain you may be about the results of the test itself. Good luck!