Common Classes Found in a Marketing DegreeGetting a degree in marketing is an educational path that can lead to a variety of job and career options.  From marketing strategy to consumer behavior and advertising, there is a range of marketing degree coursework and subject matter that a student majoring in the field may have the opportunity to study.  Whether obtaining a marketing degree online or on campus, there are certain classes and coursework you’re likely to encounter and that could eventually prove useful when out in the workforce.


Consumer Behavior

Knowing what motivates or drives consumers or market segments to purchase various items can mean the difference between how particular products are marketed as well as to whom, when, and where.  Beyond what motivates a shopper to shop and a buyer to buy, your consumer behavior coursework might also focus upon how to persuade consumers to purchase certain products, influence buyer behavior, and understand how and why consumers make the decisions they do concerning their buying practices.


Marketing Strategy/Research

Being able to research and strategize when it comes to marketing can play an important role in your job or career responsibilities once out in the field.  Knowing and understanding how to analyze statistical information and data, conduct and collect research, and make determinations regarding competitors, products, market segments, market trends, and similar aspects of marketing might be key components to your marketing strategy and research coursework.


Branding/Brand Management

You might think that brand management would be easy once the market idea or scheme has been set in place.  In hindsight it might seem like obvious choices to select Michael Jordan to plug Nike shoes, making them a common name among shoes producers, or making those big golden arches the symbol of McDonald’s, helping it to sell trillions of hamburgers.  But the ways in which these brands were developed and managed along the way could easily have meant the difference between success and failure.


Managing a brand can be similar to raising a baby to adulthood.  There is often a lot of time, effort, and money spent along the way, and plenty of mistakes made as well.   A course in branding or brand management can help prepare a student for making the decisions that can affect the development and growth of a brand and that may determine the future success or failure of a product or brand.


International Marketing

Having an educational background in international marketing can be a valuable asset in today’s global business environment.  As nations are brought ever closer together by way of products and services, international marketing can be an important course to have in your back pocket.  How to market products in different countries, develop pricing strategies, determine logistical needs, and explore or prepare for societal and political factors or roadblocks can all be important aspects of marketing that might be explored in international market coursework.


Advertising and Promotions

You may find that your advertising and promotions coursework is one of the most significant aspects involved in your marketing degree education.  Discovering what appeals to particular audiences, how to hook them with a catch phrase, jingle or glitz and glamour, and the ways and various vehicles that can be used to advertise or promote products and services might all be involved in your advertising and promotions class.  With the internet now playing a significant role in advertising, a portion of your class may likely be devoted to this aspect of your studies as well.


All in all, as you can see there’s a lot to marketing and its getting hotter by the day with demand for people even with good analytic skills as numbers are now playing an even more critical role in analyzing trends in the internet world. Even if you’re getting an online business degree or a degree in math or engineering you can always minor in marketing in order to get your feet in the door of this hot field.